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The Seven Principles: Level 4

Three-Dimensions, Matter

This final-level of the UP is a new generation of concepts spawned by the FAWE.

The universe is constructed as a hierarchy and this is the fourth level. It's effect is to create three new levels though, so it can also be viewed as the seventh level, depending on perspective. This should become clear as the idea is explained...

This is the Earth level, it is Yin/Yin and fully passive. It can't do anything, it's the result of prior actions, and it corresponds to the Biblical Seventh-Day when "God rested".

This is the level where everything is fully-manifested. While there are four-levels of reality up until the Water element, the final creation has seven because of how the FAWE mix where they touch. This mixing of the elements is the prototype of sexual reproduction.

Level 4 - Earth. 3-D reality, matter.

Level 1 - FireODIN* / ONEThe Creator
Level 2 - AirTAO / TWOYin & Yang
Level 3 - WaterTREE / THREEThe Fractal FAWE
Level 4 - EarthFORM / FOURThe Seven Days

(* Note "Odin" is the number one in Russian, and is the well known pagan "all-father" deity; called "Wodin" in Britain, as in "Wednesday". "God is One".)

People often wonder why there were seven days of creation in the Bible. The answer I would suggest is: This is a representation of the seven, very-real, 'gods' of 3D manifest reality. Called the 'Seven spirits of God' in the Christian tradition, and presumably the seven-chakras in Hinduism.

I assume they correspond to all sevens, such as sins and virtues, planet-gods etc...

How To See The Seven Days of Creation Yourself...

Look in a mirror.

If everything is made according to this "Universal-Plan" then the human body should be too, and it does.

Your head is Fire, lungs are Air, Stomach is Water and Legs (Limbs) are Earth.

Where the Elements meet, we find our three creation-centers, the parts that enable us to create. These centers are perfectly described by the combination of the elements above and below, to the point where a number of phenomena become immediately demystified.

I'm sorry this isn't a nice graphic showing all this overlaid on a human body, but please imagine it is... :)

Note: The Four Elements are on the darker background rows.

Organ Element Function
Will, Desire, Intent
The brain is the organ of will. Will is Fire.
Fire is electricity (plasma).
The brain runs on electricity
Fire + Air
Make Will into Law (Voice)
The mouth is the organ of choice. Voice is Choice.
Fire + Air = "Breathing Fire" = To speak your will
Law, Path, Design
The lungs are the organ of design & intellect. This predicts they are involved in making choices (seriously).
(I noticed I sigh when making decisions. Not just because of their content.)
The lungs run on air.
Air + Water
Make Law into Action
The heart is the organ of motion & e-motion. It brings the tangible & intagible together.
It's the Center of being, what's above it is reflected below. The interface between air and water is reflective.
The heart is (the Archetype of) a mirror, and a gateway between the two worlds of spirit & matter.
Action, Power, Motion
The stomach is the organ of strength, power & health.
The stomach runs on water (primarily).
Water + Earth
Bring Earth into Motion
The genitals are the organs of reproduction. They bring dead earth into living motion.
Life originates in earthy (salty) water.
Location, Locomotion
The legs are the organ of location. They determine your position.
Legs run on the earth. (pun intended)

The Three Creative Powers

Where the Elements meet, we find our three creation-centers, the parts that enable us to create.

Voice is "Breathing Fire", it is expressing your will. Voice makes your Will into your Law - when you speak you create law/plans/designs/rules.

Heart mixes Air and Water. Law gives order to action.

Your heart allows your body to work, by mixing Air (oxygen) with Water (blood), so you can physically create things.

The heart is the gateway which transforms Law/Design into Action/Work.

Sex mixes Earth and Water.

Salty Water, the ocean, is the womb & beginning of all life.

With the power of sex we can create children. We can turn earth (food) into a new living creature.

The Seven Days

So, just to reiterate... The word 'day' means 'god'. As in 'Deity' / 'Dios' / 'Dias' / 'Deus' / 'Zeus'.

Your days are gods. They provide for you. Your days are Yang to you.

I propose that these "seven spirits" define the form of all fully-materialised things. It's possible this is what the Genesis story is attempting to convey, and I'll do an analysis on it at some point.

Anything that is described by the Seven is a 3D materialised reality. A thing lacking the 3 creation-centers that's described by the FAWE is a 2D action/vector/force.

God "rested on the seventh day" because it's the Earth element, which is passive. It represents the product, the completed work.

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