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Black & White

Goethe's Theory of Colours is still discussed albeit dismissed. He suggested light and dark were the primary colours, and colours were made by mixing them in different ways.

Black and white, shadow and light, are equivalent to Yin and Yang respectively.

Yin and Yang are sometimes described as Silver and Gold.

White symbolises Innocence, purity, cleanliness, life. Black: Death, darkness, earth...

Four Primary Colours

The four elements suggest four primary colours, although they could be broken up into two sets of three for the additive & subtractive sets. Perhaps all four are required to create the full gamut of visible colours.

Additive colours: RGB

Subtractive colours: RYB

Principle Colour Description

Red Heat, desire, love, energy, passion, health, strength

Yellow Sunshine, brightness, intellect

Blue Cold, tranquility, ...

Green Wealth, money, growth, fertility

The Colour Spectrum

Colour is a spectrum with octaves, so it's cyclic and the four-elements take the pattern FAEW of the sine-wave/seasons.

There are 8 parts in total if we include the solstices & equinoxes.

If we overlay the natural light spectrum onto the list it seems to fit quite well, with some fairly natural color associations being made. Fire is red, Earth is green and Water is blue. Is the Air yellow? Sometimes the sky is...

I'm not sure how accurate or useful this mapping is, only time will tell.

Principle Colour Season Description

Red Spring Fire is Will / Desire.

F + A
Orange Summer Solstice Should signify freedom, choice, logic.

Yellow Summer Air is Plan / Law / Design.
Summer is a passive season, driven by events in Spring.

YellowGreen Autumn Equinox ?

Green Autumn Green is a good color for the Earth, although almost any colour would fit.
Autumn is the season of death though...

W + E
Cyan Winter Solstice Cyan, as the colour of the ocean is perfect here.

Blue Winter Blue is the colour of water and of ice and cold.

Magenta Spring Equinox Magenta, purple is the most common flower colour.


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