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Last updated April 2020.

Here, I'm attempting to put the basic concepts of maths & logic into the UP. It fits well, but again I feel I'm missing something, and there's a lot more work to be done...

It's apt that the logical & math operators correspond to the 3 'creation-centers' best. Also that they seem to correspond to Logic, Numbers and Geometry in that order. It works really well.

I'm sure there much that can be added, and I will as things come up.

Principle Number Logic Math Notes

1 TRUE = (Identity) God IS (=), and God is One (1)

NOT Divide
'Not' Divides

2 (& 3) TRUE / FALSE Duality / Binary 1 & 0. We now have the 'Trinity':
'Father' (Fire, 1), the 'Son' (1), and the 'Holy-Spirit' (0).
0 is a hole, and it's a spirit, it can't exist. It's imaginary.

OR / XOR Add / Subtract
The Number-Line
Heart is a mirror, and an alternator.
We have operators with mirrored functions,
and numbers mirrored around 0.

4 (& 7) TT, TF, FT, FF Sine The FAWE provide the mechanism to create circles, and geometry.

AND Multiply
Sex requires two, hence AND,
and creates many, hence MULTIPLY.

7 (& 8) Value / Instance? Yang form of the UP (FAWE) has 7 principles, Yin form (FAEW) has 8.
Could be the archetype of instances / values in math functions?


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