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ST Units List

This is a copy of the original table found here:
BlazeLabs - Unified Theory Foundations - The ST system of units

I've copied it here just in case the original ever goes down...

S = Space, T = Time

Parameter Units SI units ST Dimensions
Distance S metres m S
Area A metres square m2 S2
Volume V metres cubed m3 S3
Time t seconds s T
Speed/ Velocity u metres/sec m/s ST-1
Acceleration a metres/sec2 m/s2 ST-2
Force/ Drag F Newtons Kgm/s2 TS-2
Damping coefficient c N sec/metre Kg/m/s T2S-3
Surface Tension g Newton per meter Kg/s2 TS-3
Spring constant/Stiffness k Newton per meter Kg/s2 TS-3
Compliance 1/k Meters per Newton s2/Kg S3T-1
Energy/ Work E Joules Kgm2/s2 TS-1
Power P Watts or J/sec m2 Kg/s3S-1
Density r kg/m3 kg/m3 T3 S-6
Mass m Kilogram Kg T3 S-3
Momentum p Kg metres/sec Kgm/s T2 S-2
Impulse J Newton Seconds Kg m/s T2 S-2
Moment m Newton metres m2 Kg/sec2 T S-1
Torque t Foot Pounds or Nm m2 Kg/sec2 T S-1
Angular Momentum L Kg m2/s Kg m2/s T2 S-1
Inertia I Kilogram m2 Kgm2 T3 S-1
Angular velocity/frequency w Radians/sec rad/sec T-1
Pressure/Stress P Pascal or N/m2 Kg/m/sec2 T S-4
Specific heat Capacity c J/kG/K m2/sec2/K S3 T-3
Specific Entropy J/kG/K m2/sec2/K S3 T-3
Resistance R Ohms m2Kg/sec3/Amp2 T2 S-3
Impedance Z Ohms m2Kg/sec3/Amp2 T2 S-3
Conductance S Siemens or Amp/Volts sec3 Amp2/Kg/m2 S3 T-2
Capacitance C Farads sec4Amp2/Kg/m2 S3 T-1
Inductance L Henry m2 Kg/sec2/Amp2 T3 S-3
Current I Amps Amp S T-1
Electric charge q Coulomb Amp sec S
Electric flux f Vm Volt metre T S-1
Magnetic charge qm Am Amp metre S2 T-1
Magnetic flux f Weber or Volts Sec m2 Kg/sec2/Amp T2 S-2
Magnetic flux density B Tesla /gauss/ Wb/m2 Kg/sec2/Amp T2 S-4
Magnetic reluctance R R Amp2 sec2/Kg/m2 S3 T-3
Electric flux density Jm2 Kg m4/sec2 ST
Electric field strength E N/C or V/m m Kg/sec3/Amp T S-3
Magnetic field strength H Oersted or Amp-turn/m Amp/m T-1
Poynting vector S Joule/s/m2 Kg/sec3 S-3
Frequency f Hertz sec-1 T-1
Wavelength l metres m S
Wavenumber v~ reciprocal centimetre m-1 S-1
Voltage EMF V Volts m2 Kg/sec3/Amp T S-2
Magnetic/Vector potential MMF MMF Kg/sec/Amp T2 S-3
Permittivity e Farad per metre sec4 Amp2 /Kg/m3 S2 T-1
Permeability m Henry per metre Kg m/sec2/Amp2 T3 S-4
Resistivity r Ohm metres m3Kg/sec3/Amp2 T2 S-2
Temperature T ° Kelvin K T S-1
Enthalpy H Joules Kgm2/s2 T S-1
Conductivity s Siemens per metre Sec3Amp2 /Kg/m3 S2 T-2
Thermal Conductivity W/m/° K Kg m /sec3/K S-1T-1
Thermal Resistivity ° K m/W sec3K/Kg/m ST
Thermal Conductance W/° K Kg m2 /sec3/K T-1
Thermal Resistance ° K/W sec3K/Kg/m2 T
Energy density J/m3 Kg/m/sec2 T S-4
Ion mobility m Metre2/ Volts seconds Amp sec2/Kg S4 T-2
Radioactive dose Sv Sievert or J/Kg m2/s2 S2 T -2
Dynamic Viscosity Pa sec or Poise Kg/m/s T2 S-4
Kinematic Viscosity Stoke cm2/sec S2 T-1
Fluidity 1/Pascal second m sec/Kg S4 T-2
Effective radiated power ERP Watts/m2 Kg/m/sec3 S-3
Luminance Nit Candela/m2 S-3
Radiant Flux Watts Kg.m/sec3 S-1
Luminous Intensity Candela Candela S-1
Gravitational Constant G Nm2/Kg2 m3/Kg/s2 S6 T-5
Planck Constant h Joules second Kg m2/sec T2 S-1
Coefficient of viscosity h n Kg/m/s T2 S-4
Young's Modulus of elasticity E N/m2 Kg/m/s2 T S-4
Electron Volt eV 1eV Kg m2/sec2 T S-1
Boyle's constant k Nm or Pa m3 Kg m2/sec2 T S-1
Hubble constant Ho H Km/sec/Parsec T-1
Stefan's Constant s W/m2/K4 Kg/s3/m/K4 S T-4
Strain e - - S0 T0
Refractive index h - - S0 T0
Angular position rad Radians m/m S0 T0
Boltzmann constant k Erg or Joule/Kelvin Kg.m2/s2/K S0 T0
Molar gas constant R J/mol/Kelvin Kg.m2/s2/K S0 T0
Mole n Mol Kg/Kg S0 T0
Fine Structure constant a - - S0 T0
Entropy S Joule/Kelvin Kg.m2/s2/K S0 T0
Reynolds Number Re - - S0 T0
Newton Power Number Np - - S0 T0

Table of Natural Units - "God's Units"

Natural Units (source)
1 Space 4.051319933-35 mNatural Length (S)
1 Time1.351374868-43 sNatural time (T)
1 Mass 5.456-8 kgNatural Mass (S3/T3)
1 Speed 299.796 m/sNatural Speed (S/T)
1 Power3.628352 WattsNatural Power (1/S)
1 Charge1.602-19 C Natural Charge (S)
1 Current1.1855924 Amps Natural Current (S/T)
1 Temperature3.55134432 Kelvin Natural Temp (T/S)

Table of Size & Energy Relationships, from Miles Mathis

Key Table of Sizes & Energies
0: No SpinOR1
1: Axial SpinOR1 + 22 = 9
2: X SpinOO2R1 + 26 = 65
3: Y SpinOOOO4R1 + 210 = 1025
4: Z SpinOOOOOOOO8R1 + 214 = 16385
16385/9 = 1820.56

The B-photon is also not mass-less and is not point-like. It has a calculable mass and radius, both of which are about G (6.67 x 10-11) times the mass and radius of the proton. That is, the B-photon is eight million times smaller than the electron. G = 6.67 x 1011 m3ā‹…kgāˆ’1ā‹…sāˆ’2

18213 = 6038510661 = 69

1/6038510661 = 1.656-10

1 MeV/c2 = 1.79 x 10-30 kg

The tables below will be completed in due course, probably.

Table of Sizes & Energies (Mainstream)
ParticleRadius (m)Mass (kg)Energy (J)Other
Electron 2.817-15 9.1-31 Charge: 1.602-19 C
Proton 8.7-14 1.67-27 Kg Charge: 1.602-19 C
Table of Sizes & Energies (Miles Mathis)
ParticleRadius (m)Mass (kg)Energy (J)Other
IR Photon 2.74-24 2.77-37 2.5-20 Freq: 3.7713 Hz
UV Photon 5-34 4.5-17 Freq: 6.816 Hz
Electron 9.1-31 Charge: 1.602-19 C
Proton 938.27204621Mev/c2 4.09-14 * 1.67-27


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