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The Universal-Plan (UP)


The 'Universal-Plan' is like a template and a system of classification for everything that exists.

This pattern or template is an intrinsic feature of the fundamental concepts we use to understand the world. It's not an invention but an observation; it's derived quite easily from observation of the nature of concepts themselves.

The main principles of the theory are:

Seven Principles

Here's an outline of the seven-steps of the Universal-Plan. It defines a single creation process that applies to all things that exist, albeit in various different ways. It defines the form of all things that are created, in some way.

This is the most simplistic depiction of the theory, there is a lot more to it, but this list of seven contains everything else at least in seed form.

The example of a creation-event given is making tea, but the same process applies to all acts of creation, it's universal.

The principles in this order from Fire to Earth correspond to the order of human-body parts from head to legs. So you can see that humans are made according to this template.

Principle Function/Part Archetype Description Language Example

Will, Desire, Intent
The Creator, God
The first principle: Truth
Reality / Unity / Infinity
The "Great Yang"
Undivided Potential
The Creator is One: Indivisible and Alone
The Creator is Desire. Desire is Love.
God Loves to Create.
(Part of speech:)
"I feel like having a cup of tea..."

Make Will into Law
Logic / Reason
The archetype of Freedom - To choose.
The Enlightened Man / Scientist
The Christ / Cross / Choice / Sword
MATHS: Divide (/)
Logic Divides Potential - Choice
The second principle of creation: Logic
Logic allows separation between things, without it creation could not happen.
Adjective, Adverb.
(Big, small, fast, slow, red...)
"I'll stop this, and go put the kettle on."

Law, Path, Design
The Dao, Duality
The archetype of Relationship
The Observer and the Observed.
The Active and Passive principles.
Yang and Yin, God and Goddess, Father and Mother
Two Divided Potentials
The Dao are the Father & Mother gods of nature.
Yang is a true-reflection of Great Yang.
Yin is a logical NOT of Yang: The opposite.
Joiner, Conditionality.
(And, or, if, but, only, may, not...)
The path is defined. I know what to do.

Make Law into Action
The Mirror / Reflection
The Gateway (Between Worlds)
MATHS: Add / Subtract (+/-)
Cycling Between Potentials
Alternation, repetition, circles
Verbs have tenses.
I get up to make the tea now.
(As I do about once every hour. It's a routine.)

Action, Power, Motion, Work, E-Motion
The Four Elements
The Tree (of life) / Fractal The Worker. People.
Four seasons / directions
The machinery of creation.
"The wheelwork of nature"
The physical forces: like gravity.
The Wave
Compression & rarefaction. Work.
The sine-wave.
The highs and lows of life, emotions.
(I, you, he, they, we, my, our...)
The physical process of preparing the beverage.
(I accidentally put 2 teabags in, & had to re-make it. But it only annoyed me for a minute.)

Bring Earth into Motion
Genitals, (Hands?)
Creation, Reproduction
Complexity, Interference, Standing Waves
To duplicate self / self-mirror.
MATHS: Multiply (X)
Two Waves Join
The Lovers.
Two, 2D forces cross.
The birth of the third-dimension: Solid reality
Desire becomes matter. Yang becomes Yin.
(Here, there, left, up, down, over, by...)
The tea's made. I drink it. It's nice.
The tea and I become one. We are united in pleasure.

Product, Result, Matter
The Seven Days
Seven: Spirits, Sins & Virtues, Planets, etc.
This UP - The form of all 3D matter.
Matter is the Result.
The completed task. The outcome.
(Car, boat, tree, frog, calculator...)
My tea addiction is satisfied. For now.
The creation event has come to pass...
I said "Let there be tea. And there was tea. And the tea was good."

Evidence So Far

The following things have been found to conform to the UP:

Some other more "spiritual" matches:

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