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Universal Grammar: The Language Of The Gods

The Universal-Plan is like "a language of the gods".

As further evidence for the UP, let's examine human language to see if it conforms to the pattern expected. If the Universal Plan is true, then all language must be defined by it.

We will look at two aspects of language, question-words, and the parts of speech. I think this is extremely strong evidence that the UP is real, because again, the correspondances are both uncanny and enlightening...

Seven Questions, Seven Parts of Speech

Please take your time to read this table, and see just how perfectly they fit.

Principle Function Question Part Description

Will, Desire, Intent Why QUESTIONS The question-words are the Fire, the 'Why' of language.
This tells us the purpose of language is to ask questions...
Why, which, how...

Fire + Air
Make Will into Law (Voice) Which DESCRIPTOR
Adjectve / Adverb
Which is the choice question. Descriptors tell us which object...
Big, small, fast, slow, red, happy...

Law, Path, Design How LOGIC
Joiner, Conditionality
'How' tells us the path taken, the design chosen, the law.
And, or, if, but, only, may, not, on, until, while...

Air + Water
Make Law into Action When VERB The Heart element is the timekeeper.
Verbs have tenses like 'past', 'present' and 'future' because they are the Heart of language.
I am, I was, I will be...

Action, Power, Motion Who PRONOUN Water is people...
The, I, you, he, they, we, my, our, his, many, whose...

Water + Earth
Bring Earth into Motion Where PREPOSITION 'Where' is the question that brings Earth into Motion.
The pre-position places things, it gives them a location.
Here, there, left, up, down, over, by, near, across..

Location, Locomotion What NOUN 'What' is the thing, the inanimate, passive object.
Car, boat, tree, frog, calculator...

The question words we use in human language don't just fit into the Seven, and perfectly alongside the 7 parts of speech, they all elaborate on each other.

Fire is Desire, and it's Why we do things. Desire is always formulated as a binary choice, a 'Which' via the Voice (internal or external). Once we have decided, we know How we will act, and so on...

When I discovered this, I was pretty blown away, I must confess...

The next thing I decided to look at was the human senses. Our senses provide us with our "reality-feed", and so they are "as gods" to us. We rely on them...

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