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The Political Spectrum: The Yin & Yang Minds - Part 2

The Tao, Yin and Yang, are the two ultimate archetypal spirits/minds. They are the archetypes of the two 'worldviews' of reality. They are the true political spectrum, and any other representation is incomplete.

There's a lot of discussion about the 'political spectrum' in the west, but like all western thought, it is hamstrung by the absence of the rational recognition of the Two: The two opposing principles of nature. The foundation of all knowledge.

So discussions abound, but they have the clarity of mud, no resolution, and offer little progress in understanding.

I'd suggest that Open-mindedness, and due-diligence is what made the west great, and it's loss is the real cause of our problems.

The 'Traditional' Political Spectrum

Extreme Left
USA: 'Liberals'
UK: Labour Party
USA: 'Moderates'
UK: Lib-Dem Party
USA: 'Conservatives'
UK: Conservatives, UKIP(?)
Extreme Right

This is the version we are familiar with, but it doesn't seem very complete, or very useful. Both ends of the spectrum are authoritarian, and there is no place for ideologies such as voluntaryism. Also, all of these ideologies are forms of socialism, as if that was all that was available.

(Note, it's sometimes depicted as a circle, showing how communism and fascism are very similar.)

Collectivism vs Individualism


The political-left has always been associated with collectivism and the rights of groups / collectives.

The ethos of the political-left is: The group is more important than the individual.

Thus the left is associated with authoritarianism, where the will of the individual is subservient to the group.


The political-right has always been associated with individualism and the rights of the individual.

The ethos of the political-right is: The individual is more important than the group.

Thus the right is associated with libertarianism, where the will of the group is subservient to the individual.

ethos: the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in its attitudes and aspirations.

The Left Desires A Leader, The Right Desires Independence

The left is characterised by seeking external authority: A leader for the group.

The Yin-mind of the Left is uncreative, and confused. It has no stability or foundation, and so it seeks a leader / parent which can provide certainty and answers in, what is to them, a chaotic and confusing world.

All groups need leaders. Those who join groups are either seeking to be led, or to lead, that's the purpose and appeal of the group. But groups are divisive, and thus self-contradictory, (see Two Minds for more)

The right, on the other hand, seeks freedom from leaders. They desire independence, and to follow their own internal-authority.

Left Is Large Government, Right Is Small Government

As the left prefers collectives, and seeks authority, it favours a larger government.

It's ultimate expression being communism in which there is nothing but government.

As the right prefers individuals, and seeks freedom, it favours a smaller government.

It's ultimate expression being anarchism in which there is no government at all.

The Ideal is Balance...

The appropriate balance between the two ideologies is a society in which the group stands for the rights of the individual. I.e. where everyone makes it their business to work together to protect each other's rights against tyranny.

This is the true middle ground of politics, and the foundational principle of common law. It's the battle-cry of the Four musketeers. "All for one, and one for all".

The problem is groups are naturally divisive, and seek only to protect their in-group, usually at the expense of the out-group. Groups are Yin, and must be carefully managed by Yang, else they will create chaos.

The True Left Is Yin, Right Is Yang

Yang is Right. Yin is Wrong.

The true political left has no lawful validity because it is the movement for the destruction of law & order... That is it's true nature, and it exists only to be prevented, it should never be allowed...

Just as we have to fight against the processes of nature that cause our buildings and machines to degrade over time, (by performing maintenance and replacements) we have to fight against destructive ideology to maintain our society, and our homes.

Yin is the natural-process of decay & destruction that exists within nature. It's the murderous force of natural-selection in action. The Yin-mind is the adversary, the tester, and it is the true political left. It's the mind of the psychopath who will keep pushing you, until you push back, or die. That is it's true nature...

The Left can never be rational, or reasonable, helpful, altruistic, or honest because it stands in opposition to all those things, that is it's nature. It's Yin.

The Left can never be Right... The Left can only be Wrong.

How can the political Left survive if it's essentially always wrong, illogical and destructive? Because everyone in the world is born with the Yin-mind of the animal, so it's ideology appeals.

The Power of Illogic

There is a power in illogic, and getting people to believe contradictory, or false things...

If you tell a gullible person an illogical falsehood that appeals to their emotions, they will find a way to rationalise it. For example: Many people believe that simply believing that Jesus is God will ensure them a place in Heaven. Even though Jesus never said that, and it's entirely illogical.

It makes no sense at all, but it's a very appealing message to the weak-minded. They are told that all they have to do is believe this thing, and their work is done. It makes them already 'good', and part of a special club of 'good' people, whose entrance to Heaven is guaranteed. The only reason one would hold such a belief is for emotional reasons. It's an emotional comfort-blanket, which protects from the harsh reality that - if you genuinely want to be a good person - you have to work really hard at it, for the whole of your life.

Another good example is the 'climate change' religion, which is thoroughly illogical, unscientific poppycock. The climate on Earth has never been static, CO2 is constantly being sequestered (it doesn't 'build up'), and it diverts attention from the real problems of domestic, industrial & agricultural chemical pollution. But it's followers are convinced that they are a special-group of uniquely compassionate people, who really should be in charge of running the world... It's a familiar story...

The route to both material & spiritual enlightenment is unwavering pursuit of the truth through observation and hard-thinking. This is to make God / Truth your aim - above the desires of your emotions, and your animal-Yin-mind in general. It is to see reality as it truly is, not as you would like it to be. It's the same thing as growing-up, and it takes effort.

Thinking is very hard, and most people can't do it at all, and so the effort they make in rationalising their beliefs - even though it's not actual thinking - is still a large mental expense for them, and when you put so much effort into building your belief-system, the effort bonds you to it. You remember how much work it was, and know that to change it would take much more work than forming it did.

When presented with facts that contradict it's world-view, the Yin-mind sees it purely as an assault on it's happiness. It cannot conceive of ever being able to do the work it would require to integrate those facts - it's far, far too much. To insinuate that it should attempt such a task - it takes as an insult. They get angry with their conscience, because it's telling them to listen. But they project that anger out onto the external world... Thus in their mind, the person presenting the info is an evil person, who is only trying to make them feel bad. Facts are irrelevant, feelings matter.

Note: Rationalising is not the same as logic, it's a Yin form of reason in which the aim is not to find facts, but to gather a shield of beliefs which generate positive emotions. It's much easier than real thinking, but it still takes some effort.

This is how most religions hook their followers, by getting them to emotionally bond to illogic, which is essentially mental slavery to Yin / The Goddess / 'Satan'.

Government As Natural Selection

There can only be one natural end-result of giving away your individual authority to a 'leader', (i.e. making yourself Yin to a human 'authority'), and that is to incur destruction. It inevitably results in psychopaths taking control, an exponential growth in the size of government, and in it's capacity for evil, and committing mass-murder. As night follows day.

If you think western governments are not currently involved in 'liberating' their own citizens from life, then consider the tightly-controlled "health" sector... Judge them not by their words, but by their fruits...

Humans have not escaped Darwinian selection. Our predators used to be bears and wolves, but now, since we defeated our animal-predators, it's other people that predate on us, the psychopaths. Natural selection never stops. The psychopaths who rule the world are a legitimate force of nature that is now forcefully selecting against people for their abandonment of Truth...

Truth is God, Truth is Reality, and so God is Reality. And Reality is Nature. People have turned away from reality, and so reality which is nature has to correct them. The way the Goddess does that is usually extremely unpleasant. So I'd urge people to return to the straight path of humility to God, it's much nicer.

The Left is the political force that is Satan, tempting people into immorality with promises of benefits. And all government these days is hard-left / authoritarian / slavery.

The True Political Spectrum
Yin, Left, CollectivismYang, Right, Individualism
Groups: Inter-dependent Leaders and FollowersIndependent Individuals
Large GovernmentSmall/No Government
Government Makes The LawsThe People Discover God's Laws
Government Owns All PropertyThe People Own All Property
Communism, Socialism, Fascism Anarchism, Voluntaryism, Agorism
Yin PropertiesYang properties
Many / ComplicatedSingular / Simple
Emotional / IllogicalRational / Logical
Slavery / AuthorityFreedom / Liberty

Is Nationalism Left Or Right?

The ideology of nationalism, must be on the left because it's concerned with a group-identity.

It's opposite, the ideology of globalism, is on the right because it's concerned with individual freedoms (to trade, travel etc).

All mainstream UK political parties are globalist (Right), as nationalism (Left) is frowned-upon, but they refer to nationalism as 'far-right'. This miscategorisation is quite confusing.

(It seems their version of globalism is only for the rich though. Poor people aren't really able to take advantage of it's benefits.)

Nazism is also popularly categorised as 'far-right', but it is 'National Socialism', both Leftist ideologies.

Traditionalism: Can be Yin or Yang...

Traditionalism is the view that historical laws & ways are good, and should be maintained. Progressivism is the view that they should be changed.

Traditionalism is really Yin, because it's based in the past, and is about stasis, not change.

Progressivism is Yang because it's change. People may have trouble not viewing it negatively, but consider it's beneficial form as like the constant refinement of science or real moral law. The ongoing discovery of the Truths God has laid out.

The crux of this debate, however, is whether those traditions are good or not...

The reason most people consider Traditionalism to be Right, is because they were Right-leaning traditions, and people liked them, because they were fair.

If those traditions were abject destruction through tyranny, then few people would be 'traditionalists' in that context.

Why The Confusion?

Is it possible the political-spectrum has been 'Leftised', for political reasons, by Left-leaning (authoritarian) governments?

Could it be depicted that way to hide certain political philosophies? I.e. the true Right.

Perhaps it's done to make our limited political-landscape seem more balanced than it actually is?

Why would political discourse in the UK utterly omit all mention of the political philosophies of anarchism/voluntaryism/agorism?

It could be that the 'traditional' political spectrum is simply Leftist propaganda.

The UK's Political Landscape

In the true-spectrum, all main UK political parties are quite a long way left-of center.

This includes the Tories, who have maintained high-levels of government, taxation and regulation during their parliament.

The Tories are not 'center-right' as they claim, they are marginally to the right of Labour, which is far-Left.

The Tories could perhaps be categoried as 'medium-far-left'.

All the main UK parties are extremely authoritarian, in favour of massive tax rates (70% average), and enormous wasteful government.


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