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Space & Time: The Fundamental Units

What Are The Fundamental Properties Of Reality?

The International System of Units (SI) we use for measurements describe the most fundamental properties which things can have.

For example, the universe has the property of space. It contains space, distance. We measure it in the SI unit "metres".

There are seven SI units, suggesting the universe has seven fundamental properties. You might think that "magic number" would suit this theory well and I'd just roll with it, but seven seems too many...

The Universal-Plan system suggests there are probably just two basic units or properties.

What The Four Elements Say

We have to look at duality and/or the four-elements as our basic template into which we have to fit our concepts. It's the basic Universal-Plan, so everything should fit into it, and it should help us understand the relationships.

Because there are two entities, we could just assign them directly into Yin & Yang, but it's worth looking at them in the context of the four-elements because they do fit there too, and it shows why there's only two...

The alchemical Fire-element has zero dimensions, it is "will" or "desire". It's a qualitative, unitary concept, which suggests it can't have units. It's an archetype of qualities not quantities.

This means we can't have 4 basic units, there have to be 2 or 3...

But the Earth element is the passive product of the ones above. Nothing new can be created at this level of reality, so we have only 2 slots for basic units:

Fire Fire Will, Desire Intangible, not quantifiable. None
Air Air Logic, Law, Plan Duality, relationship, difference SPACE
Water Water Action Movement, change, work TIME
Earth Earth Object Result, product, matter Everything Else *

The four-elements suggest that the fundamental properties of the universe are the duality: Space & Time

Their archetypes reinforce the implication that there can only be two basic properties. We can simply represent them as Yin and Yang.

Absolutely everything that exists is made of duality at it's most fundamental level, so it follows that there should be two basic properties. The properties of space and time fit perfectly with the archetypes of Yin & Yang, and also with the Air and Water elements...

* All the other SI units must be derived from Time and Space.

Space: Yang / Air

The Air-element is "space", distance, difference. It's the archetype of the sky, the heavens. The concept of distance is firmly associated with Air.

Space is "the difference between Yin & Yang", and we have all kinds of space or distances that we can measure. In fact all measurements can be considered as some form of distance.

Space isn't necessarily just a physical distance between things, it's the underlying concept of a measurable separation in any relationship.

Space can exist without time (conceptually). "True and false", or "here and there" are time-less concepts.

Time can't exist without space. Time is the space between two moments / different states.

The concept of "time" relies on the existence of "space", and is subordinate to it. In effect, time is a passive result of the existence of space. So space is Yang to time, it provides for it.

Space is Yang to Time...

Time: Yin / Water

Time is a measurement of a change in space.

The Water-element is the archetype of work, action and waves/cycles. It corresponds to the heart & circulatory system in the body, beating out a rhythm.

Time is "water under the bridge"... The flow of water in a river is very much like the flow of time. They both flow inexorably in one direction, constantly new & changing.

However, all there really is is space, distance, difference which is changing... Time is just a perception of that change.

Space is changing and time is a measurement of that change. Space is active and time is passive. Space is a cause and time is "just" an effect.

Yang is the active-principle so space is Yang, and time is Yin.

ST Units

All the SI units can be represented in just two, Space and Time. This idea has been promoted by a few, but hasn't taken hold in the mainstream.

The seven SI units used in modern physics may be hiding a simpler and more elegant understanding of physics...

Here are two sources for the idea:

BlazeLabs - Unified Theory Foundations - The ST system of units. Truly awesome work.

The above website has gone, but should still be available on the Wayback Machine:

Dewey B Larson also advocated this system.

More Info

Please see these pages for lists which maps SI units to ST units:

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