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The Garden of Eden Within

This is one interpretation of the famous Bible story, but there are others.
I'm not suggesting this is the "right" interpretation, but I think it's still conceptually useful.

The story of the Garden of Eden (Odin?) symbolises an archetypal situation which we have all personally lived through...

It's the same archetype as: Lucifer's fall from Heaven, Sophia's fall from the Pleroma, Pandora's Box, and many others. They are all symbolising the same thing, temptation to 'sin', to go against the natural-order, to decide to ignore God's law and follow your own desires instead. I think most, if not all, people have personally done this at some point.

By tgis interpretation, despite what some religions might believe, we're not bound by the actions of two people long ago. This happens every day, inside all of us. If we are "Adam and Eve", and we made their mistake, then we have also the power to undo it and go back to Paradise. It's all in our own hands, we have free-will.


Who Are Adam & Eve?

Adam & Eve represent the two god-minds: Yang and Yin. The Masculine & Feminine principles. We all contain both of these principles, so they are inside you.

Yin / Eve is the lower-self, the 'reptilian brain' of self-preservation & survival. It's the selfish, instinctive mind of the child that is consumed with physical needs & urges. It's the ignorant, inexperienced mind of belief, and is founded in fear & insecurity. It's the default-mind we're all born with that helps us to survive, especially when we're small and weak.

Yang / Adam is the higher-self of reason & intelligence. It's the parent-mind of altruism, concerned with protecting & providing for the family. It's the mind of knowledge and experience, and we have to develop it by our own efforts as we grow up.

Eve = 'Beginning' because while Yang is eternal, Yin is finite - She is the creation.
Yin began to exist, but Yang had no beginning.

The Natural Order

In the course of a person's life they will naturally change from being predominantly in the Yin-mind as a child, to being predominantly in the Yang-mind as an adult. Yin the child, becomes Yang the parent. This is the natural-order.

Yang leads, Yin follows. Yang is Will, and Yin is Matter.
The will & mind should lead the body, not the reverse... When the mind is led by the body, then the human becomes just another animal, and takes on a 'demonic' nature...

Animals don't have the ability to reason, so there is no fault in them if they don't. They're innocent, because they can't know the truth, they're not aware of any evil they do.

Humans do have the ability to reason, and they also have a conscience. So we know if we're doing evil, but choose to follow our base-animal urges instead. Humans knowingly reject their true nature, so they're not innocent, they know what they're doing.

The Garden of Eden story describes how God's natural-order was abandoned by mankind, and by all humans individually. It's explains what we did wrong.

Tempted by the Devil...

The Devil tempted Eve with the "Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil".

The "Knowledge of Good and Evil" is morality. God's morality is real and objective, and all humans have the sense of Conscience, which informs us of it.

Ideology, on the other hand, is a man-made system of morality which people use to override God's true morality, and pretend it doesn't exist. Ideologies are selfish-conveniences people use to justify immoral behaviour.

So Eve was tempted to abandon God's morality, for an ideology which suited her ego, emotions, and her selfish-purposes...

In other words: The Yin-mind of emotion & physical-survival inside you is offered something it likes. Something that makes you feel good about yourself. E.g. that you don't have to work to be a good person (usually because you already are)... It encourages you to indulge in the sin of Pride, which is a bit like the "king of the sins".

For example: The 'Climate Change' religion... This appeals to people not because it's logical, but because it makes people feel like they're superior to others. I.e. They're the only ones who really understand the truth. Their noble mission is to "save the planet", and all the ignorant deniers are just carbon-footprints that have to be eliminated.

It makes them feel like they don't have to make any personal efforts to be better people, because they're already so 'compassionate' and wise.

The emotional hooks are similar to Christianity... i.e. "All your work was done by Jesus, and you're superior to other people because you believe in Jesus."

I.e. "If you believe X, that makes you a good person. You can ignore your conscience, you're already saved.".

...'Eve', the Ego, is offered 'the apple'.

The devil offers the 'apple' of ideology to Eve, the lower-self: "You shall be like God!". All ideologies offer the same enticement: You're free to make up your own morality, free to do as you please without the constraints of God's law. To think you can invent moral laws to suit yourself is to see yourself as God. It's rebellion against the Creator. It's the story of Lucifer.

The logical conclusion is: "Do what thou wilt" - the Satanist's creed.

Eve Leads, Adam Follows

Unless you know that Yang offers / Yin chooses, and Yang leads / Yin follows, then a major part of the symbolism of the story will be missed.

By offering, "Satan" (the serpent) is attempting to make itself Yang to Eve: To be Eve's provider. Yang offers, Yin chooses.

This is important because it defines the relationship between them. By accepting the offer a kind of contract is created, and Eve agrees to be Satan's receiver / follower. Everything created has free-will and consent is always required.

If you agree to an offer someone makes, (especially if expecting something in return), then you have made yourself Yin in that relationship. The offerer is the provider of direction, and you are the receiver.

Eve, the lower-self / ego-mind is naturally Yin to Satan / the Goddess; the ego is the Yin-mind, and so the natural order is not broken at this stage. Eve did nothing wrong. She's just behaving according to her nature.

The lower-self then offers the ideology to the higher-self, the reasoning mind... It says "I like this. Can I have it?".

In God's natural-order the Yang-mind is in charge. Yang / Will directs, Yin / Body follows, but the story explains that the natural order was reversed, and the genders were swapped.

Eve offers the apple to Adam who now has a choice...

Sadly, 'Adam', the reasoning-mind, accepts the ego's request thus making itself Yin to the urges of ego. This is then the mistake that would have caused the "fall" and ejection from Eden.

By this interpretation, it was 100% "Adam's fault": I.e. it was our conscious failure to reject egotistical-ideologies that our sub-conscious mind likes. Adam should have said 'No'. Our reasoning should reject ideologies & sins, not embrace them.

Now as Yin has offered and Yang has chosen to follow, Yin is behaving like Yang, and Yang is behaving like Yin. The natural roles assigned by God have been reversed. The natural order has been inverted.

This is the reason for the fall, and it is the fall itself. It's simply that we have all rejected God's natural order to follow our animal-instincts.

The Fall of Reason

The fall of mankind didn't just happen once, it happens in every individual during their lives. We all make the same mistake of believing things because they make us feel good, instead of seeking the truth.

The intellect, which is capable of knowing God's objective-morality, has been made subservient to the urges of the ego. Man's (relatively) powerful intellect has been made the tool of "Satan", the Yin-mind, and mankind now uses it's great gifts for selfish reasons, and serves the Goddess of destruction in it's ignorance.

Most folk will use reason to find ways to get sex, drugs, money, or status. Paradise on earth for all people? Not so much.

This view of the story of Eden describes how we have all individually taken on ideologies for selfish, egotistical purposes, and in so doing we have debased ourselves lower than the animals by denying our true God-given nature.

Humans, among all the creatures, have the privilege of having access to the mind-of-God. We all have reason and a conscience which tells us God's will.

The foundation-stone of humanity is truth and reason. Without it we're nothing special. To reject reason is to reject humanity itself.

This is why Earth has become so Hellish, because everyone has reversed the natural-order within themselves. They're led by their bodily urges and emotional-desires, and their intellect is only allowed to serve those aims.


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