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'Universal-Plan' Theory

I propose the Four Elements were part of a unified-theory that was known about world-wide (at least by alchemists) and is actually correct. In other words alchemy already had a fully-working theory of everything, hundreds of years ago.

Mathematics is derived from the theory, it's logic not maths-based. There are no equations as it has to provide the foundation for those, and it doesn't just deal with physics it's relevant to all sciences.

I think the four-elements and alchemy in general have been misunderstood because they're abstract-concepts that have been taken literally. Modern people are very literal-minded, they tend to take things at face value and miss the underlying message.

The Four Elements always seemed to me, as a programmer, to be like it must be some kind of code or algorithm, but it wasn't until I finally sat down with a pen & paper and tried to figure out what it might have meant did it start to make sense.

I think this Universal-Plan was probably the basis for the original science/religion of the old-world. It's traces are everywhere, and it does seem to perfectly unify science and religion. Maybe this was the science/religion of the 'Golden-Age'?

I don't think this plan has ever been presented before in it's complete form, in modern history, but you will recognise the parts.

  • A complete TOE from which everything can be derived.
  • Reasonably easy to understand.
  • Already has strong supporting evidence.
  • Unifies science and religion.
  • Was the "Religion of the Golden Age"?

Criteria for a Theory of Everything (TOE)

A genuine Theory of Everything (TOE) must explain everything we observe, from first principles. A true TOE is not limited to merely having to explain physics and matter, it must explain everything including human experiences such as emotions and dreams.

A TOE must define mathematics itself; numbers and basic mathematics must be derivable from it. A true TOE should start from the true root of reality, and everything should be derivable from it by logic, the TOE must be the precursor to math.

A TOE must require some other form of communication to be expressed, one that is more fundamental than maths. What could exist before maths; what is mathematics "made of"?

Mathematics is made of symbols which represent archetypes. Everything is.

Archetypes and Symbols

Archetype / Symbol is a duality, a matched-pair of ideas, equivalent to the concepts of "Spirit / Matter".

An "archetype" is the original template or idea, it's the "spirit", the symbol is a re-presentation of it in material form.

Note that "archetype" is sometimes defined as a "perfect example". This is not the definition used here.

Archetypes should be considered within this theory as being the most "generalised model" of a thing, not as the most "perfect example".

- an original model or type after which other similar things are patterned; a prototype
- the most generalised model or conception of something.

- a thing that represents or stands for something else, i.e. an archetype or a combination of archetypes.

When I write the number "1" the symbol refers to the archetype. The symbol exists in matter, but the archetype exists in your mind and/or in the "universal-mind". The meaning of "1" isn't in the symbol it's in the archetype.

One Archetype to Many Symbols.

Archetype is Yang, the Provider, symbol is Yin, the receiver. There's only one archetype but there are many symbolic-representations of it.

If, instead of reality being made of matter, it's actually made of symbols, then matter is symbolising something. All the matter in the universe is a symbolic-representation of something else: I.e. An archetype or mixture thereof.

Archetypes can be layered in hierarchies. I'm a human, I symbolise the human-archetype in real flesh. I also symbolise the less-specific "mammal", and the very generalised "animal" archetypes, and so on.

In this world-view, reality is constructed of Archetypes & Symbols: Models & Instances. The material reality we perceive is symbolic of something else, or many things, depending on your point of view.

So we have the relationship between archetypes & symbols, but this isn't the most fundamental concept. What's more fundamental is the concept of relationship itself, and this is the concept of duality, the Tao / Two.

The only thing that can truly be said to exist is relationship: Relationships between objects, and between ideas.

Philosophical Idealism

The two competing theories of reality are materialism and idealism.

"In Idealism, mind and consciousness are first-order realities to which matter is subject and secondary. In philosophical materialism the converse is true. Here mind and consciousness are by-products or epiphenomena of material processes..."

Note, "idealism" is defined in normal usage as "the unrealistic belief in or pursuit of perfection.", this is not the meaning used here. It's important to be conscious of the difference in meaning between the two usages of the word.

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