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Alchemy: The Science Of The Golden-Age.

Alchemy is generally considered to be an early form of chemistry that sought three things:
1. To transmute "base-metals" into gold,
2. To obtain the panacea, a universal-cure, and / or the "fountain of youth".
3. To obtain the universal solvent, the "alkahest".

Wikipedia has a decent page on alchemy, with an interesting etymology:

Alchemy is an ancient branch of natural philosophy, a philosophical and protoscientific tradition...
The word alchemy ... can be interpreted as 'the process of transmutation by which to fuse or reunite with the divine or original form'

I suggest the main aim of alchemy was always spiritual-enlightenment. It's primary concern wasn't really to transmute metals, it was to transmute souls...

The Four-Elements: A Theory-Of-Everything.

Most people have heard of the idea of the "Four-Elements". It was the original theory-of-everything.

The "Classical Four-Elements ... were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances"

"Modern science does not support the classical elements as the material basis of the physical world. Atomic theory classifies atoms into more than a hundred chemical elements ... The most commonly observed states of solid, liquid, gas, and plasma share many attributes with the classical elements of earth, water, air, and fire, respectively, but these states are due to similar behavior of different types of atoms at similar energy levels, and not due to containing a certain type of atom or a certain type of substance."


Wikipedia explains the common-view that the four-elements were considered to be physical substances. Of course if this were the case the theory would have to be wrong. An element like gold can't be made of a molecule like water.

However, on this basis alone, it's clear that modern science has misinterpreted the theory.

Alchemy isn't primarily a material science so the four-elements shouldn't be confused with physical substances; in Alchemy "matter" is not the primary-substance, "spirit" is...

An Information-Based Reality

Modern science is based on the assumption that the universe is made of "matter".

Alchemy is based on the assumption that the universe is made of "spirit".

Spirit is the opposite of matter. Spirit / matter is a duality.
Matter is the stuff you can touch, it's "tangible". Spirit is the stuff you can't touch, it's "intangible".

You can't touch information, it's intangible, but you can make (simulated) universes out of it.

We could rephrase the above as:

Alchemy is based on the assumption that the universe is made of information.

The four-elements aren't substances, they are categories.

category: A specifically defined division in a system of classification; a class.

The Philosopher's Stone

One of the main goals of alchemy is to obtain the fabled "Philosopher's Stone".

I believe I have achieved this.

I explain it in full in my forthcoming book: "The Universal Plan".

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