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The Four-Elements & Aims of Life in Hinduism

In Hinduism there is the idea that a human life goes through four-stages. They correspond to the Four Elements, and I think Vedic society was probably based on the principles of the Universal-Plan.

It's a scientific concept, it's not mystical, it's a logical explanation of observable phenomena. It's simply describing the natural life-stages people go through.

It's also worth noting that the Vedic caste-system has four castes which also fit perfectly with the FAWE, and I might cover that one day...

Note, here the Earth element is first, and Fire last because we're tracing out a life-plan from childhood to old age, and we begin life as Yin, the Child and become Yang, the (Grand-)Parent.

The four Hindu 'Aims of Life', and how I think they fit into the FAWE:

Fire Earth The Child
Matter, Body
Stage 1: Physical Pleasures
Focus: comfort, food, entertainment, and at the end of this stage - sex. All of which which drives us to the next level.

Earth is the selfish & unroductive stage of life - as when we are children. Earth is heavy & children are a burden we have to carry.
Children are needy and dependent, self-centered, and pleasure-oriented. This is natural, and appropriate.
(Note: Children are Yin on the outside (to adults), so they are Yang on the inside - active & changing, full of life.)

Sex In the Universal-Plan, the 'creation center' of 'Sex' lies between Earth and Water.
This suggests that we transform from the Earth to the Water stage through the existence of Sex/Reproduction
The prospect and/or results of sex lead to the desire to gain social status / wealth...
Fire Water The Young Adult
Action, Motion, Power
Stage 2: Material Gain
Focus: status/wealth, and sex. Children are the result, which drives us to the next level.

Water signifies Work, Emotion and People. It's when we become a young-adult.
Water is also Current and Currency, it's trade & money.
At this stage we are still quite selfish, focussed on getting the things we want, and now we have the power to acheive it.
The result of this stage is naturally, a family, and family drives us to the next level...

Heart Heart is a mirror, just as the surface of water in air reflects light.
Our children are a reflection of ourselves, and they're the Heart & Center of our lives.
It's family, and it leads to the desire to make other people happy.
Fire Air The Parent
Design, Path, Law
Stage 3: Duty
Focus: Duty of care to one's family, driven by Love.

Air signifies Law or Design. It's when we become a parent, and embrace the responsibility it requires.
At this stage, if one fulfills their Dharma, the inward-focus of selfishness is transformed by the trials of family-life, into the outward-focus of empathy.
The result of this stage is the transformation of the ego into empathy & Love for others.

Voice The 'creation center' of 'Voice' lies between Air and Fire.
It represents Choice and Logic. It's the question "Which?".
It represents self-mastery, integrity, and reason: The ability to choose. Freedom / Free-will.
Fire Fire The Grandparent
Will, Intent, Desire
Stage 4: Liberation
Focus: Spiritual Hygeine. (My own term)

Fire is Will. It's when our will rules over the ego, and we become truly free to choose.
When immature, we have the inverted Yin-mind where Body leads Will: Yin leads Yang - The opposite of the natural order. When mature, Will leads Body: Yang leads Yin. Which is in alignment with the natural-order.
The lessons of life teach us that our emotions can't be allowed to rule over reason.
We begin to truly be able to think clearly, and make informed choices.
Our Will becomes single - we focus on complete mastery over the Yin-mind - to escape the wheel of incarnation.

It's a good fit. The Universal-Plan doesn't just match this ancient wisdom, it explains it. It aligns the concepts with the entire library of knowledge the Four Elements contain, and it also adds the 3 Creation-Centers which explain how one element changes to the next.

I think the Universal-Plan is the real Theory-of-Everything, and it was the unified science and religion of the Golden Age, and all religions of the world are ultimately based on it. It's the long-lost "Religion of Truth"...


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