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Feedback & Help Requested.

While this all seems to make sense to me, I'm only human, and am prone to error. There may be mistakes. I may have not explained it well enough. It's hard for me to tell...

I'll make my case, and you can judge for yourself whether it makes sense or not. Don't hesitate to ask questions, or for clarification. Feedback is encouraged. Thanks.

'Universal-Plan' Theory

I propose the Four Elements were part of a unified-theory that was known world-wide, and is correct. It's not a mathematical theory, and it doesn't just deal with physics.

I think it's been misunderstood because it requires a rather different kind of thinking than we are accustomed to in the modern world: Abstract thinking. Being able to see the world in terms of archetypes/patterns, and symbols/representations.

Modern people are very literal-minded, they tend to take things at face value, and miss the underlying message. But if reality is made of abstract concepts, then you have to be able to comprehend those to understand reality.

The Four Elements always seemed to me, as a programmer, to be like it must be some kind of code or algorithm, but it wasn't until I finally sat down with a pen & paper, and tried to figure out what it might have meant, did it start to make sense.

To investigate it, I started from the position of assuming that the Dao (Yin & Yang) and the Four Elements might be real things. This means matter is not the primary substance of reality. It implies the universe is made of ideas, and that implies 'God' - i.e. that this reality exists within a mind of some sort.

The questions I initially had were: Is the Dao related to the Four, and if so how? Do the concepts have internal integrity? Does it provide any real answers, or is it just arbitrary, i.e. is this science or superstition?

What I think I've found is some pretty solid evidence to support the argument that this is science.

If the Four is what I think, then it's the template for everything that exists... All of the diversity of matter & life we see, all of the natural processes, even every personal experience we have, is all created by one simple master-process applied at successive levels. A fractal-process, self-similar at every level.

The Four Elements are the key-parts of a Universal Plan, to which everything conforms, and which explains everything.
This plan is the true 'Theory of Everything' that science has ostensibly sought for centuries.

What's more, the plan is simple (it had to be for me to find it), and it can be understood by anyone who understands the concept of symbols and archetypes.

I also propose this Universal-Plan was the basis for the original science/religion of the old-world, as it's traces are everywhere, and it does seem to perfectly unify science and religion. Maybe this was the science/religion of the 'Golden-Age'?

I don't think this plan has ever been presented before in it's complete form, in modern history, but you will recognise the parts.

Criteria for a Theory of Everything (TOE)

A genuine Theory of Everything (TOE) must explain everything we observe, from first principles. A true TOE is not limited to merely having to explain physics and matter, it must explain everything including human experiences, such as emotions and dreams.

A TOE must define mathematics itself, math must be derivable from it. A true TOE should start from the true root of reality, and everything should be derivable from it (by logic). So the TOE must be the precursor to math.

Clearly, if the mechanism we are attempting to describe with our TOE created mathematics, then we will not be able to describe it mathematically. In other words math is a subset of TOE.

The TOE must require some other form of communication to be expressed, one that is more fundamental than maths. What could possibly come before maths? Well, math is made of symbols, so the existence of symbols is a pre-requisite for math...

Archetypes and Symbols

If, instead of reality being made of matter, it's actually made of symbols, then matter is symbolising something. All the matter in the universe is a symbolic-representation of something else: An Archetype.

Archetype: A perfect example or model of something.

Symbol: A thing that represents or stands for something else.

So the Archetype is the model, the plan. The Symbol represents that plan. E.g. the Archetype of 'Car' is symbolised in all cars. My Saab 95 is a symbol of the general Car-Archetype, and a symbol of the more specific Saab-95 Sub-Archetype. So we can see that archetypes can be layered in hierarchies.

I am a human, I symbolise the Human-Archetype in real flesh. I bring the Human-Archetype into reality by my existence, and also the less-specific Mammal-Archetype, and so on.

In this world-view, reality is constructed of Archetypes & Symbols: Models & Instances. The material reality we perceive is symbolic of something else, or many things, depending on your point of view.

So we have the relationship between archetypes & symbols, but this isn't the most fundamental concept. What's more fundamental is the concept of relationship itself, and this is the concept of the Dao (Tao).

The only thing that can truly be said to exist is relationship: Relationships between objects, and between ideas.

Philosophical Idealism

The two competing theories of reality are materialism and idealism.

"In Idealism, mind and consciousness are first-order realities to which matter is subject and secondary. In philosophical materialism the converse is true. Here mind and consciousness are by-products or epiphenomena of material processes..."

It should be noted that, for whatever reason, idealism is defined in normal usage as "the unrealistic belief in or pursuit of perfection.". This creates a subconscious linkage between the two - which may prejudice thought. It's important to be conscious of the difference in meaning between the two usages of the word.

It seems the reason science has failed to find unification is because it chose the wrong starting point. It chose to assume matter is the fundamental substance, instead of keeping the subject open for research.

So, I invite you to consider the evidence, which appears to lead directly to the logical conclusion that reality is in fact constructed from ideas.

Ancient Knowledge?

I propose that the Universal-Plan was known to humanity before, as it's traces are scattered amongst various cultures. It could have been the original world-religion-and-science, that allowed our ancestors to create such incredible feats of architecture and technology.

It genuinely unites science and religion, so perhaps it could also unite people generally. Perhaps it allowed us to live together harmoniously, in peace and cooperation. It's a science that works with nature, not against it.

Perhaps this knowledge was deliberately 'lost' because of how personally empowering it is, and it also leads directly to an understanding of the spiritual nature of reality, and the inevitability of an intelligent & benevolent ultimate-creator.

But the system can't really be hidden because it's all in plain-sight, if you look...

A Different Way Of Thinking

The modern-mind is trained not to think too deeply about things. People are trained to have a broad, but shallow knowledge of 'facts'.

I think our ancestors mind was trained to think in terms of a limited number of symbols, but which had deep-meaning and complex inter-relationships. So the old way of thinking was more narrow-but-deep, as opposed to the broad-and-shallow knowledge we have today...

Their thinking manifested as stories about a limited number of gods or archetypes, but who went through multiple events & trials. Their lives were intertwined, and steeped in moral considerations. This is apparent in old-writings such as the Bible, or the Greek pantheon.

I propose that their way of thinking was not more 'primitive' than ours, it was in fact superior, and the stories they told conveyed many layers of symbolic information beyond the apparent plotline. I propose that the Unified Plan, which has eluded our finest minds, was in fact common knowledge for our ancestors.

I propose the reason why this mode of symbolic-thinking is superior, is because it more closely reflects reality itself. Reality is in fact constructed from Archetypes and Symbols. Matter is not a primary substance.

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."

The Jigsaw Pieces

There were just four parts to the jigsaw that explains the Universal-Plan. Four ancient symbolic systems that come together to form a complete foundation:

  1. Monism + Christ: A Creator which is the archetype of Truth, and His son - the archetype of Logic.
  2. Dualism: The Dao / Yin and Yang
  3. The Four Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire
  4. The Seven 'Chakras'

You've likely heard of all of these before, and you probably think you understand them, but please imagine that you don't for the sake of the discussion. I'll be presenting them in a new light.

The result of this research is that these things are not mystical, or beyong human comprehension. They are in fact, common concepts which we understand perfectly. They have been deliberately mystified & fictionalised to appeal to the immature mind, which loves fiction, and is only able to think literally, not in abstracts.

Veritopia is a de-mystification of spirituality and religion, and their subsequent reunification with science.

I'm going to join them all up, and resolve any perceived conflict between them, and (hopefully) demonstrate that together they represent a complete theory-of-everything. Then I'm going to present some evidence to support the claims, which I think is pretty strong.

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