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The Christian Trinity - Demystified

It seems to me that the bulk of Christianity, not just the holidays, but some of the most important parts of the theology, was essentially lifted wholesale from the pre-existing so-called 'paganism' of the european people. The empowering parts were then mystified and obscured over time, until their true meaning was lost, and all that remained was the stories...

Thesis: The Christian Trinity was derived from the concept of the Four Elements.

The Christian Trinity is the mystical concept that God has Three persons: The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. What is this, and what does it mean?

Mysticism is not designed to answer questions, it's purpose is to hold people in ignorance. A well meaning Christian theologian could spend a whole lifetime trying to make sense of this concept, without finding any resolution. I suspect many have.

I suspect many thousands of people, if not millions, have spent much of their lives attempting to unravel the riddles of their respective religions... But the answers remain obscure because people only work within the mental-confines of their ideology.

So what is the Trinity? How can God have three persons when God is supposed to be One?

Why would God need three aspects anyway? What functions do they serve? What is the "Holy Spirit"?

How To Make A Cup Of Tea

It would seem to me that the truth is the "Holy Trinity" is actually something so mind-bendingly ordinary, you'll probably think I'm just an idiot. But it's a much deeper concept than it appears on the surface. It takes time to understand...

The Trinity existed before creation, because God needed those things in order to create anything... They are the three things you need in order to create anything, even a cup of tea. All creation events, e.g. making a beverage, having children, writing an email, or creating the whole universe, all follow the same pattern.

There is only one mechanism by which creation happens, and it's described by the Four Elements:

Fire Fire
Will, Intent, Desire
(1) The (Grand)Father: Purpose
The purpose, motivation.
In order to create something you first need the desire to create.
"I feel like creating a universe"
Fire Air
Design, Plan, Path, Law
(2) The Son(Father): Logic
Secondly, you need a plan to achieve your desire.
"I'll do it by creating duality, and they will create Four Elements, and so on..."
Fire Water
Action, Motion, Power
(3) The Holy Spirit: Time (Work)
The Mother
Thirdly, you must enact your plan with action
God uses Logic to create the Dao. The Dao create the Four..
Fire Earth
Creation, Belonging, Object
The Child
Finally, you have the result of your action, the product, the creation.
This is a PASSIVE principle, and it's not part of the Trinity, it's the Creation.
God saw that what he had created was good.

The Real Trinity: Purpose, Logic, Work

The three things you need in order to create something.

It's as simple as that. That is the universal process of creation. All creation follows this pattern.

God made it really simple, because He wants people to find it. If this is all true, then it logically proves God's benevolence. Nothing has been hidden from us. You can't hide the Truth, you can only persuade people not to look at it.

I know this totally breaks mysticism, but there's more...

The "Holey" Spirit is the Circle, Zero - 0

The Holy Spirit is the spirit with the hole in the middle. The empty spirit. Zero...

Zero does not exist, it's another one of those incredibly deep & strange concepts that are a necessary fiction that helps describe reality. Concepts are spirits. Zero is a concept, a spirit that is the foundation of cycles. But it doesn't exist. It's a bit of a paradox...

Without the pseudo-number 0, there could be no maths of the circle, the sine-wave.

The circle, or cyclic time is Yin to real linear-time, it's a relative illusion. Just as the number 0 is an illusion compared with the number 1. You can have one of something, but you can't have zero of something. If you have zero, you don't have it.

Zero means 'nothing', and the concept of nothing is, and must forever remain just a concept. You cannot provide an instance of nothing - it can never be manifest. It's a convenient fiction.

These strange properties of the Holy Spirit, Zero, really do give insight into the nature of Yin, it's illusion, but essential... It really is the most incredibly brilliant design, as you would expect from an infinitely intelligent God.

The Holy Spirit is the Archetype of Work

The circle is the sine-wave, is the wave. It takes work to create a wave in water, and that wave you created can then transmit the power to a different location and do work on something else. This is why Work is symbolised by Water in the Four Elements, because it can transmit power, and do work.

All work is done by cyclic processes, according to the FAWE, and the FAWE are the archetype of work, and the archetype of the sine-wave.

The Prototypes of the Dao?

In the archetypes of Father & Mother / Logic & Work, we perhaps have the prototypes of the concepts of Yin & Yang.

I don't think they can be identical, because the Son is Christ is Logic, and Logic had to exist before the Dao could be divided. Logic is the divider.

Time had to exist before the creation of the Dao, because without time, God couldn't have formulated the plan to create them. However this is the Yang form of time, non-cyclic, linear time. But I suppose it stands as the prototype of Yin.

The Dao are the Creation. They are the Earth level, the Product, so they can't be part of the 'Trinity', but the whole of reality is created with mirrors, (that's what all the 'Creation Centers' like Voice, Heart and Sex are - mirrors) and so the Dao is a kind of reflection & elaboration of these higher principles...


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