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The Catholic "Keys of Heaven" - Are The Dao?

Image By F l a n k e r - Donald Lindsay Galbreath, A Treatise on Ecclesiastical Heraldry (W. Heffer and Sons, 1930), p. 9;Bruno Bernhard Heim, Heraldry in the Catholic Church: Its Origin, Customs and Laws (Van Duren 1978 ISBN 9780391008731), p. 54;Heraldry Society of Great Britain;Michel Pastoureau, "Keys" in Philippe Levillain, The Papacy: An Encyclopedia (Routledge 2002 ISBN 9780415922302), vol. 2, p. 891, Public Domain,

"In ecclesiastical heraldry, papal coats of arms (those of individual popes) and those of the Holy See and Vatican City State include an image of crossed keys to represent the metaphorical keys of the office of Saint Peter, the keys of heaven, or the keys of the kingdom of Heaven, that, according to Roman Catholic teaching, Jesus promised to Saint Peter, empowering him to take binding actions."

In the Gospel of Matthew 16:19, Jesus says to Peter, "I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in heaven."

Thesis: The Catholic "Keys of Heaven" are the Dao.

Preamble: The Old-Pagan Foundation of Christianity

This is presented as more evidence that Christianity is essentially a watered-down forgery of the "Old-Pagan" science & religion of the native European tribes, which was in-fact the real "Christianity" because they actually understood what Christ was, i.e. Logic, and already worshipped that great spirit before Jesus was even born.

I suggest that Jesus was in fact attempting to bring this enlightened religion, and it's just common-law (jus gentium), of the western 'pagans' to the Jews. Jesus was then a Jewish prophet, who came to bring the worship of Truth and Reason to his people, which he learned from the west, not the east. (Was the Bible really set in the middle-east? Is it really 2000 years old?)

So, I hypothesise that all the foundations of modern Christianity are in fact pagan foundations, the true meanings of which were deliberately lost, and replaced with mysticism. Modern Christianity being an obfuscation of the real original worship of Logos - the spirit of Reason. The church turned worship of a spirit (Logic) into the worship of a man (Jesus), and this is idolatry - Jesus was not the Logic Archetype, he just symbolised it. Jesus wasn't God, he was a man who wanted to be like God.

Humans can never be God, but we can be with God. Paradise = Para-Dios = Beside God.

Jesus was a child of God, as all humans are children of God, even the evil ones. He was a man who overcame, and became incorruptible, like God, and so became immortal and escaped the Wheel of Incarnation. This is the "Great Work" of alchemy, the perfection of the soul, and escape from the slavery of reincarnation.

Two Keys

This image above is the coat-of-arms of the Holy-See, the corporate vehicle, or 'government' of the Catholic church.

I would ask a very simple question about this: Why are there TWO keys?

Surely, the key to Heaven, for Christians is Christ? So what is this?

If you read the Wikipedia quote above, which gives the 'reasoning' for this coat of arms, do you find it convincing? Does it convey any actual information?

I have no idea what any of it means, including Jesus's statement about binding things...

However, I think it's likely that Jesus's statement does mean something, and I'll keep my mind open. It sounds very alchemical.

Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver are alchemical symbols of Yang and Yin ("Sun and Moon"). This is very basic alchemy.

Gold represents the Sun - the Provider. It's Yang - Incorruptible - i.e. it doesn't tarnish

Silver represents the Moon - the Receiver. It's Yin - Corruptible - and it does tarnish.

The Keys To Heaven

The Key unlocks, but in this case, the church says only St Peter has access to these keys. Maybe that's not true...

Yin and Yang, the Dao are the foundation of all creation, and are thus the foundation of all knowledge. If we define Heaven as the place of Spirits - I.e. Archetypes, concepts and ideas, then they really are the Keys to Heaven because all archetypes are either derived from them, or are explained by them.

The physical world is made from intangible concepts, and the Dao is the root of the tree of ideas.

By understanding the Dao (only possible by thinking it through yourself) you have access to the Knowledge of Heaven. I.e. proof of God, and the "Universal-Plan" of creation. It explains how God creates reality, and your place in the universe.

The Dao are the real Keys to Heaven. Thought is the Lock, and desire turns the key...

The Magic Door

Imagine a gateway to another world that will appear as if by magic, on your request... Imagine that door is available to every human, and all they have to do is ask the right question and it'll materialise in front of them. Once you go through the door, the world still looks exactly the same on the surface, but somehow now you can see inside everything as well, and see how it all works together as a harmonious whole...

By going through the door you're transported to a world of inner-sight, you can see the wheelwork of nature around you, you can see the underlying code of the matrix being processed by the nodes on the network... Instead of everything seeming to be separate, now everything is connected.

The magical door is the "Red-Pill" that forever changes your perception of the world, opens your eyes to a greater reality that exists on a completely different and higher level. It gives you Superman's X-Ray Vision, and transforms you from the naive slave, into the liberated Seer.

No one else can really explain the Dao to anyone else, it's a like a magical doorway that you have to go through personally with your own will & thoughts. And so it's also an effective test. If you don't want to know, you don't have to, you can remain in the world of confusion as long as you like... When you're ready, it's right there in front of you to show you the way.

Yin is both lesson and test, all rolled into one, and the Dao is Nature, which is the "Great Yin" to God, the "Great Yang". So all of nature is Lesson & Test.

Logic and the Dao can unlock your mind from the slavery of fiction and misunderstanding, but only if that's what you want.

The Cross Represents Choice

The cross is the crossroads, where you can choose a new path...

Christ is Logos, Logic, which allows you to choose. Free-will is the ability to choose... The Crossroads symbolises free-will to choose, which is the same as the ability to reason and think for yourself, so that's why Christ and Cross are linked.

It's arguable that the upright cross represents choice, whereas the cross on it's side, the X, represents denial of choice. XXX is censored, for example. If something is wrong it gets an X, not a tick...

So the papal-seal above could signify the fact that the truth about the real Keys of Heaven are being denied, or censored, from the world - by the Catholic church. But that's probably just a silly conspiracy-theory.

I'm sure that if the Catholic church knew of the true scientific origins of it's mystical dogmas, if they knew about the old-pagan Universal-Plan which explains everything and proves God, they would tell everyone... Right?

Which is More Likely?

  1. The cock-and-bull story about St. Peter, or
  2. The Key's of Heaven are actually the Dao?


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