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The Hitcher and The Goddess

The True Nature Of Evil

Theologists really struggle to explain the existence of suffering and evil in the world...

But whoever made the movie 'The Hitcher', with Rutger Hauer, understood the nature of evil perfectly...

It is a genius film, that I'd never seen before. I hate gore, and assumed it would be gory. But no, I was pleased to find it wasn't at all gory. The violence was all by implication, it was superbly done.

The basic story is a young, innocent, slightly wimpy kid - maybe 18 years old picks up a Hitcher... The guy tells him he's going to kill him, and is entirely believable. The kid is terrified...

Luckily, the psycho's door isn't closed properly, and the kid managed to push him out of the car while still driving. Rutger tumbles along the road and lies still. The kid sees this, and drives off jubilantly... But that is just the beginning...

The implication was: "you have to go back & finish him off, or he's going to just keep on killing folks...".

And he does...

The psychpath targets the kid. He follows him around. He frames him as a mass-murdering cop killer - by making him look guilty for all the psycho's crimes. He is a deadly, and ruthlessly intelligent foe, who seems to be playing with this kid as a cat would play with a mouse.

The tension is high, it's such an engaging movie... But you can't help wishing the kid would man up a bit. He is such a wuss...

At the end the psychopath threatens the life of the kid's new girlfriend - in a spectacularly showmanesque, ingenious and terrifying way. I won't spoil the move if you've not yet seen it.

He gives the kid a way out, which would involve him taking charge, and being a man. He gives the kid a gun, and says 'shoot me'. But it's complicated...

"I Want You To Stop Me"

At some point in the movie, the kid asks the psycho: "What do you want from me". To which he replies "I want you to stop me".

This is the crucial, central line for the whole movie... So what does it mean?

The Psychopath is Satan is Goddess / Yin

The psychopath is the embodiment (the symbol) of the Goddess / Yin archetype. And this is Satan, the Adversary.

God is Yang is Good. Goddess is Yin is Evil. She is the archetype of the Inversion of Good. 'Satanists' actually worship the Goddess... Nature "red in tooth and claw".

The psychopath is the epitome of selfishness, only concered with their own interests, seeing other people as toys to play with, or food to eat or whatever... They have zero concern for the wellbeing of others. But does something else lie behind this apparent selfishness?

This is the Yin mind of nature, the selfish mind of the predator, or parasite. It's law is "might is right", and it carries great weight in this world.

But as we all have to kill to eat in this universe, we all must have some aspect of this in ourselves... Humans are predators, after all...

Bearing in mind that Yin is also illusion then we must consider that evil is an illusion, somehow... She is also indirect, in darkness, ignorant. Of what? That she is really an indirect good? Is evil just an indirect good?

What is God's purpose behind the existence of evil?

The Purpose Of Evil is Training. Life is a Test.

By coming up against evil, you have the chance to learn why you'd want to be good. It makes you internalise morality, and develop a real, independent mind of your own. Life is training people to be good.

Rutger Hauer is playing the archetype of Goddess Yin / Nature. She is the Tester, the Adversary, and the Mother, and she is the most effective teacher one could possibly imagine...

The Goddess's role is to raise the children to be adults, and she does this by a mixture of kindness and cruelty. Yin is many, she always has at least two different faces. Yin is the beautiful maiden, the spring morning, the flowering rose. And she is the spiteful crone, the harsh winter, and the rotting corpse.

Her purpose is to train and she does it in the most efficient way - combining the Training and the Test, all into one. Because Yin is Yang on the inside... She is many on the outside, but inside she is singular. All the complicated, confusing, emotional machinery of life and relationships is for a single purpose...

To make Yin into Yang. To make the child an adult.

So, how does this manifest? She says the opposite of what she means, or does the opposite of what you asked her to... She's contrary.

The nursery rhyme goes as follows:

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

The name Mary means 'Her Rebellion'. Think about that... Is this Lucifer's rebellion?

Yes indeed. Lucifer is Mary is the Goddess, and her garden is the whole of nature.

Yin Pushes Boundaries

The child is Yin to the parent, and they are constantly pusing their boundaries, seeing what they can get away with. They are testing reality, and you, to see if you are genuine. Are you a good nut?

Like the squirrels in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' who test nuts for quality by hitting them hard with their knuckles, and listening to see what they do. This is how Yin operates... She hits you on the head (metaphorically) with a test, and then watches to see how you react to it.

Like Rutger Hauer in the movie gives the kid a good metaphorical & physical rap on the head, and stands back to see what he'll do, with a kind of cold but genuine interest...

The Righteousness Of The Psychopath

Why do psychopaths exist? Because they are a mechanism of Nature, of Natural-Selection. They are carrying out the legitimate work of the Goddess - to test & train you and I.

The psychopath is just pushing your boundaries, testing for good nuts...

If you asked the psychopath in the movie if he felt any guilt about all the people he killed, he'd say something like:

Judge: "Do you feel any remorse for these terrible crimes?"

Psychopath: "No way. It was the kid's fault, he could have stopped me at any time.
He should have been a man. I gave him every opportunity to stop me...
Hell, I even gave him a gun! I even helped him point it in my face...
He just cried like a baby. He couldn't even save that beautiful girl's life. Man, she was really nice. I liked her.
What a useless waste of space that kid is... I did everything I could to help him...
He's the one who should be on trial, not me!"

And you can see the logic behind that view. The psychos have a kind of justification. The kid could have stopped him, and he should have. He'd shirked his duty as a human being by letting the predator / rabid-dog live, whereas the psycho hadn't shirked his duty, he did what the Goddess told him to do.

What's more, the psycho was openly disappointed by the kids pathetic efforts. He genuinely wanted the kid to stop him. He hoped he would. Because then the kid would have passed his test, and that would make him happy. On some level he *loved* that kid. He cared about his development as a human being, with such passion he was willing to die for it. Think about that...

But then, true psychopaths have no interest or regard for death. They have zero fear, and zero conception of death. It's not important to them. What is important is seeing what you can get away with. Testing other people. Doing the Goddess's work. They are agents of chaos.

"Satan Can Do Nothing Of His Own Accord"

Evil is Passive. It cannot exist in the existence of Good, because Good is active. The world has turned to evil by becoming passive. People remain in a childish state, which is Yin / selfish / ignorant / destructive, instead of growing up. Evil can only exist when it's not resisted.

Evil works by *suggestion*. Being passive it has no agency, and so must rely on tricking Yang into bringing it to life. Note that Yin is Death, and so this is a form of necromancy... When you bring Evil to life, you are giving Yin a body, and Yin is Death, so you become the walking-dead, disconnected from life (which is Yang).

Evil is the snake whispering to Eve in the Garden of Eden. It didn't force her to eat it, it suggested politely, and with an air of authority.

Wars are not planned, or profited from, by the people who fight them. Those people are persuaded to fight. Almost all evil is enabled by getting good people to turn from what they know inside is right, to do something wrong. Usually for money, but by consent.

A Hitcher is Passive

Note that a hitch-hiker is passive. The title shows an understanding, by the film's creator, of the principles of the Dao.

The Hitcher's not doing anything much, just standing there with his thumb up. He's passive & Yin. The kid is driving & has all the power, so is Active & Yang.

When the kid decides to stop and give him a lift though, it turned the tables and switched the roles...

The kid wanted something from him. He was tired & Rutger offered company, which the kid wanted to help him stay awake... And it certainly did that. He'll probably never sleep again. The psycho gave him what he wanted.

The kid wanted to be Yin, to receive something. By accepting an offer you become Yin - the receiver, the child, the pupil. You put yourself squarely in the jurisdiction of the offerer, they become your Yang/provider. This symbolises that evil has to be accepted and enabled, it has to be activated... The vampire has to be invited in.


Of course, reincarnation must exist for there to be justice for each individual spirit at some time in it's existence. Without reincarnation, one could not explain evil satisfactorily. Spirit is (relatively) infinite & eternal.

Psychopaths & evil people are legitimate representatives of the Goddess. That's why they exist. They are Natural Selection in action, but it's selection of spirit, not matter. And on some level they actually do have your best interest at heart. Be an adult, grow up, take charge. That's what they secretly want...

They genuinely want you to stop them. That is their purpose - to be stopped. If you don't then they will keep pushing the boundaries until you do. As night follows day this is inevitable.

Just as if you have a child you never discipline, or an employee whose work you never check. They will inevitably turn into representations of the worst archetypes.

Yang has duties. Yin has rights.

Also, watch the film, it's great. You can currently see it BitChute...


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