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The Four Elements

Did modern science "throw the baby out with the bathwater", when they discarded the traditional four elements?

The thesis of this website is that: The reality of Yang and Yin, and the FAWE (Fire, Air, Water, Earth), is the true foundation of science.

The "Holy-Grail of science", the Unified-Theory, was rejected as the simplistic thinking of primitive people.

The Four Elements as a Fractal Tree

This is the third level of reality. There are four basic levels to reality, and they correspond to the Four Elements, of course. And we can see the fractal nature of reality begin to emerge - as the FAWE categorises the higher levels, and itself...

All the different parts of reality work together to provide context for each-other.

If "God is One", then by logic, reality has to be constructed this way, with self-referential connections, because of the properties of the creator Himself. More on that later...

Level 1 - FireONE - The Creator
Level 2 - AirTWO - The Dao
Level 3 - WaterFOUR - The Four Elements: FAWE
Level 4 - EarthSEVEN - The Seven Chakras

Gods Have DNA

"As Above, So Below"

The saying "As Above, So Below", accredited to Hermes, is (IMO) a statement of the fractal-nature of reality. It is stating that things are self-similar at levels above and below any given level. It is stating that the rules that apply here, are universal, and apply at all levels. It is a statement of the universality of the laws of nature.

We have DNA, and so do the 'gods'. Their DNA is simpler than ours, so it's much easier to map.

The children of Yin & Yang are all possible combinations of Yin & Yang. If we create a table of all the different ways you can combine + and -, then that will give us a list of all the possible different children they could have.

This is how I have linked the Four Elements with the Dao: By the simplest possible method. Even though this link seems pretty obvious, I've not seen it made anywhere else.

Each child has a Yin and a Yang property/chromosome. Those 'chromosomes' have just one 'gene' each, and they can be either Yin or Yang. This gives us four possible children, and they correspond to the traditional Four Elements.

ElementDescriptionDimensionsYin (-)Yang (+)
Fire Fire Will, Intent, Desire None Yang (+) Yang (+)
Fire Air Design, Plan, Path, Law One Yang (+) Yin (-)
Fire Water Action, Motion, Power Two Yin (-) Yang (+)
Fire Earth Creation, Belonging, Object Three Yin (-) Yin (-)

The first letters of the Four spell FAWE, which is pronounced the same, and I'll use the names interchangably. I sometimes wonder if it's possible that our word 'four' actually derives from FAWE...?

How do these combinations of Yin/Yang lead to the characteristics of the FAWE?

The Genome of the Air Element

Air is the Archetype of Thought, which is a mental plan or object. When you have thoughts in your mind they have a type of solidity because they persist in the same form for many years. Richard Dawkin's 'meme' theory describes this well.

Air's Yin chromosome/aspect has one 'gene' and it's 'Yang'. It's Yang aspect has one 'gene' which is 'Yin'.

So we choose some basic properties of Yin & Yang to put into into this equation: Yin is solid-matter, Yang is intangible-spirit.

The genome is saying this: It's solid-tangible-matter part is defined as 'intangible-spirit', and it's intangible-spirit part is defined as 'solid-fixed-unchanging'.

And this describes thoughts perfectly. They have no (visible) physical manifestation, they can't be seen or touched, but they have a type of solid form nonetheless.

The Genome of the Water Element

Water is the Archetype of Action.

Water's genome is the mirror image of Air's. It Yin aspect is 'Yin'. It's Yang aspect is 'Yang'.

The genome is saying: It's tangible-matter part is defined as 'tangible-matter', and it's active part is defined as 'active-change'.

Water is matter, and it flows / is active. Water is heavy & it carries a lot of force.

Hopefully these two examples give you enough information to see that Fire & Earth also fit into the system.

It may look at first as if I'm 'cherry-picking' attributes to fit the above, but that's just to provide a clear context. The relationships & properties of the Dao & FAWE are reinforced at every successive level of reality, they have complete integrity & form a fully logical & rigorous system, as I hope to demostrate clearly in due course.

The individual Elements represent a wide variety of the things we perceive, and they could be explored in a myriad of different ways, using other characteristics. Books could be written about it, but for the sake of simplicity I'll move on.

Only Three Spatial Dimensions

Fire is Will/Intent/Desire and it's un-dimensioned. It is undivided-potential, so it has zero dimensions - it's unmeasurable.

The subsequent 3 elements define the three physical dimensions of all realities, and they unfold one at a time, at each level.

Will/Desire (Fire) has zero dimensions.

Laws (Air) are one-dimensional (right-wrong) and are a representation of the Dao.

Action (Water) is two-dimensional and is a representation of the FAWE, the 'gods of action'.

Matter (Earth) has 3-dimensions and is a representation of the SEVEN, the 'gods of matter', and we'll get onto that shortly.

This predicts that all realities are limited to 3 spatial-dimensions, and there are no 4+ spatial-dimensional realities. It suggests 3-D realities may be nested within others (like russian dolls), with multiple realities sharing the same physical location, but how that works exactly is up for debate.

It could be as simple as scale. The reality bacteria inhabit is shared with us, but we're (mostly) oblivious to each other. What really goes on at sub-atomic scales is a mystery. The universe could be teeming with life at all scales.

It says (amongst many other things):

The Universal Pattern Of Creation

The order of the elements is important. They are a hierarchy, in descending-order of tangibility.

Fire/Will is the least tangible (touchable), and most active element. Earth is the most tangible, and least active.

This basic sequence of four-stages (the four seasons) is the Universal-Plan of creation, and all creation follows this plan.

The process of creation itself follows this plan. Let's review how things are created in the human world:

This is a trivial example, but this process applies to all acts of creation. The pressure of Fire is what drives creation, the desire to create things that are good. Air is the plan, the path. Water is the journey. Earth is the destination.

Fire Fire Will, Intent, Desire, Pressure The first stage in the process of creation is desire.
You have to want to create the thing. There must be a will to create.
E.g. "I'm hungry. I want a pizza."
Fire Air Design, Plan, Path, Law The second stage is to formulate a plan which will fulfill your desire...
"I'll go to the freezer, get a pizza out, and cook it."
Fire Water Action, Motion, Power The third stage is the action, to enact the plan.
I get my pizza and cook it in my oven.
Fire Earth Result I have created a hot & tasty pizza to eat.
I am satisfied. My desire is fulfilled.

The Forces of Nature

The FAWE occupy the Water level - Action/Power/Force. They are the powerhouse of the reality-algorithm. They do all the heavy lifting. They appear to us as 2-dimensional things - e.g. 'forces' (vectors).

Forces come in different forms: Falling from a tree creates a vector, but so does the appearance of a predator, i.e. 'Lion!', Run that way, as fast as possible, or 'Political Correctness' which creates a force to prevent speech. Anything that elicits an action could be considered a force.

The Water element also corresponds to the people in a society - because people are the agents of action. Thus the FAWE are people. They are 'gods' because they are our providers/Yang, but they're also people in some way.

We shall see how the FAWE provide the different aspects of our reality such as our language & our senses in due course...

The next level is Earth, the 3-D full-manifestation of God's desire, and it has seven aspects...

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