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Space & Time - The Fundamental Units

Space & Time - The Fundamental Units

The UP must lead into physics, and the place it takes us to is the very beginning: The International System of Units (SI) we use for measurements.

The SI units are an obviously incomplete system with 7 base units, and much overlap. They reveal little of the nature of these phenomena, instead they simply act as almost arbitrary labels. The kilogram is particularly problematic, and I'd argue it's one of the main reasons we don't understand gravity.

So what's the alternative?

The Dao and the FAWE suggests there are either two or four fundamental units in physics.

I will argue, as other have, that the number of fundamental units is two: Space, and Time. Space is Yang, Time is Yin, and I'll explain why...

We have to look at the Four Elements as our basic template into which we have to fit our concepts. It's the basic Universal-Plan, so everything should fit into it, and it should help us understand the relationships.

Fire has no dimensions, and so it has no units. This means we can't have 4 basic units, there have to be 2 or 3, but the units that will manifest in the Earth element must be a passive product of the ones above. So we have only 2 slots in the UP for basic units...

This means that all units other than space & time must be derived from them, and it must be possible to express them in terms of only time and space.

Fire Fire Will Plasma Aetheric None
Fire Air Design Gas Electric SPACE
Fire Water Action Liquid Magnetic TIME
Fire Earth Object Solid Physical Everything Else


Space is distance, a 1D value. The distance between observer and observed is a conceptual straight line. This corresponds to the 1D Air/Law element which defines separation between things.

Space is the difference between Yin & Yang, and we have all kinds of 'space' or distances that we can measure. In fact all measurements can be considered as some form of 'distance between states'.

So space corresponds to Air (+-), the Dao. Thus space is the Dao, not just notionally, but in fact.

Also 'space' is not just the physical distance between things it is the underlying concept of a measurable separation in a relationship. There can be emotional distance between people, there can be ideological distances, there can be logarithmic distances in maths & biology, and so on.


Space can exist (conceptually) without time (time=change). True and False are time-less concepts. But time can't exist without distance. I.e. the space between two moments / different states. So immediately we can see that time relies on the existence of space, and is subordinate to it. In effect, time is a passive result of the existence of space.

Thus space is clearly Yang to time, and so should be higher in the list, which it is.

We can measure time-elapsed as a 1D value, 'Yang-time', or we can measure it as a 2D value (e.g. Year & Day), which is cyclic: 'Yin-time' (see The FAWE Seasons). So time has 'Many' forms, because it's more Yin than Space.

While time could theoretically be measured from the beginning of the universe, that information is not available to us. The past becomes encrypted by time and we can know less & less the further back we try to look. So we tend to use multiple dimensions to describe time, because it fits with our experience of cycles like Years, Months, Days.

So, 2D Yin Time derives from 1D Yang Space. We can see that all these concepts fit together logically, and into the FAWE. We see that doing this clarifies reality pretty well, exactly as we would hope of our theory-of-everything.

Because Yang is Active, then space must be Active, and Time is ('merely') a passive result of the activity of space.

The Heart

If we look at the Seven Principles, we find Heart between Air/Space and Water/Time.

The Heart-principle represents the alternation of the sine wave, as the water/air boundary carries waves. It's the source of cyclic Yin-Time, which is why it corresponds to the question 'When', and grammatical Verbs which have tenses.

The Heart is mirror which alternates it's focus between Yin and Yang, changing the apparent distance cyclically, and creating the relative-illusion of cyclic-time.

It's funny that the word 'Hearts' sounds just like 'Hertz', the units of frequency... Is this a coincidence?

In Summary

The SI units used in modern physics are problematic, because they hide the simplicity of reality, and do not allow real understanding.

Fortunately there are brilliant people out there, outside the suffocating effects of academia, who have figured out that all the SI units can be represented, much more clearly, by just two: Space and Time.

Please see this excellent website for a great explaination of ST Units: BlazeLabs - Unified Theory Foundations - The ST system of units. Truly awesome work.

I also came across Dewey B Larson who advocated this system.

Space is constantly active, re-configuring itself, and it's not just physical distance, it is all types of distance. They are all the same thing, just manifest at the 7 different levels of matarial reality. That process creates cyclic-appearing phenomena.

Matter is Space In Motion.

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