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The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins are an obvious candidate for the Universal-Plan. I'll include the Seven Virtues too. Let's see if it fits...

Note: The point of this article is not to discuss the morality of these concepts, it's the fact that these ancient ideas do fit well into the UP, and so provide more evidence that it was known of in previous times.

I propose that the UP is the real 'Theory of Everything', and was once the science/religion of a world-wide civilisation.

Principle Function Sin (Yin) Virtue (Yang) Commandment Notes

Will, Desire, Intent Wrath / Anger Patience Do not kill We get angry when our will is denied.
[love of ones own will]

Make Will into Law Envy Kindness Do not covet Envy/kindness inevitably involves voice: 'I wish...'.
[love of status]

Law, Path, Design Greed Charity Do not lie (Dao: True/False) Law is our rules we live by.
Is the rule to aquire, or to provide?
[love of receiving]

Make Law into Action Pride Humility Honour your parents Pride is experienced in the heart.
("His heart swelled with pride.")
[love of self]

Action, Power, Motion Gluttony Temperance ? Water = stomach & action, thus Gluttony.
[love of food/consumption]

Bring Earth into Motion Lust Chastity Don't commit adultery These are clearly related to the Sex principle.
[love of sex]

Location, Locomotion Sloth Diligence Honour the Sabbath? Sloth is passivity, and this is the 'rest-day'...
[love of rest]

It does seem to fit pretty well, and the sin/virtues mirror each other approriately.

So, again I would argue that the Universal-Plan does seem to provide a consistent system by which we can analyse & categorise all aspects of the human experience.

Is it really the 'Theory of Everything' we've been looking for? Let me know your thoughts...


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