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Reincarnation: Death is No Escape?

You can't change the world, you can only save yourself, but if you save yourself, you'll change the world.

The Dao, Yin & Yang, are the foundation of all knowledge, and they strongly suggest that reincarnation is real.

Yang is spirit & eternal. It's subject to direct, straight Yang-time.

Yin is matter & finite. It's directed / powered by Yang, and is cyclic-Yin-time.

So spirit is eternal, but matter is cyclic. It's the wheel of incarnation.

What if reincarnation is true, and you have to come back?

I can't prove reincarnation, but for the sake of this argument I'm going to assume it's true, and follow some the logical paths to see what follows... I'm going to try to lay out the extreme and immanent threat reincarnation, if true, represents to you personally, and how you might avoid it.

Firstly, what is 'reincarnation'?

Reincarnation And Liberation

A quick synopsis of the basics of reincarnation-theory:

If Reincarnation Is Real

1. You will be born back into the society you just left.

I've heard many people say, about the declining state of the world: "Well, by the time it gets really bad, I'll be dead, so it won't affect me."

This would be false. Those people would not be dead. They would be injected back into the mess of a world they helped create, as defenceless babies.

If people accepted this as a possibility, they might do more to protect the rights of the next generation than they currently do. They might realise that next generation could be them.

2. You could be trapped here forever.

You could be trapped here forever and never know. A billion lifetimes in ignorance and suffering.

Forgetting everything you learned, losing everything you worked for, every time.
Having to start again from scratch over & over.
Totally vulnerable to all manner of abuses and harms
it would depend on your choices.

3. Maybe Hell is Earth in the future...?

If all the good people get to leave this place, and only the evil are left, what happens...? The world becomes more evil.

If one could be reincarnated forever, and the world becomes so bad it's impossible to pass the test & leave, that would fit the Christian idea of an eternal Hell, but perhaps in a marginally more plausible way... (I think it's probably cyclic though rather than eternal, because if it becomes impossible to pass the test, then the machine is no longer performing it's task. However, 'Hell on Earth' could last quite a long time... 1000 years?)

The planet is going in a bad direction. Freedoms, justice, and everything else that's good, are being lost, and few people seem to really care about it.

Our dark future could well include a tyrannical one-world government, a global thought monitoring & pre-crime detection network, mandatory transhumanism, agenda 2030 smart cities, no rural living, no car ownersip, no private business, no cash, de-personing, starvation, total environmental destruction.

It looks like the people planning Earth's future are the team from 2000AD comic, who invented Judge Dredd, the Megacities, and the Cursed-Earth.

Maybe the PTB are modelling our future on the Borg (from Star Trek). If no-one's going to stop them, then why not? Why not connect everyone to a computer & erase their individuality? They don't seem to care too much.

If they cared, they'd make sure to find out what's actually going on here. Who am I, where am I, does God exists, and where's the exit? Those are the question they would be asking first, not last.

4. You're missing out on all the good stuff.

You're in a nursery for spiritual infants. You have very little freedom, the company is terrible, and the teachers are literally demons.

You're imprisoned in a weak and clumsy body that needs constant maintenance, and limits your intelligence & fun.

You have no idea who you are. Everything you think you know is likely false. You will live and die never knowing the first thing about life...

Unless you eat from the "tree of life"...

And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever: Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.

The Tree Of Life is the Four Elements, Life in action. To 'eat' from it is to do Science - to gain Knowledge.

5. You've got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

You can't really die. All you can do is remain in prison, or leave (it's a bit like Brexit). The only thing you should fear is having to stay here, on Earth, in prison-school, re-sitting the same exams over and over, wasting your time...

There's no value in preserving your life, if it stands in the way of you passing the test. So you should have no fear of death, only fear of failure.

If you pass the test, you can leave the prison of school, and be truly free. No longer a slave to stupid emotions and ideologies, but their master instead. Key's the the Daoverse in hand... Everything comes in two forms, there must be two universes, and this must be the dark-one.

The Jealous Goddess

The Goddess (Yin) controls the Earth. Yin is Satan, the Adversary, and she's the opposite of Yang.

Yin is unfair, harsh, contrary, capricious, spiteful, selfish, fearful, and hungry. (She's inadvertantly the best teacher ever, though, because of this.)

Yin receives. She is the ever-empty, needing to be filled 'black-hole', or indeed the 'black-cube'. Yin is powered by you.

You're not the top of the food chain - she is, and your attention and emotion feeds her. Here, you are food, and she's sucking in the Loosh like a vacuum-cleaner. So if you feel like milling around a large black object, or sticking one on your head, perhaps consider the symbolism.

So, a large part of her doesn't want you to leave her nursery, or pass the test, because then she would lose her food source, and company / narcissistic-supply. The mother doesn't want to let her children grow up and leave the nest. She fears lonliness and rejection, and hunger.

Yin is the archetype of the God(dess) who eats her own children. Cronus(Saturn) was the greek titan who eat his own children, and was forced to regurgitate them... This represents slavery, a god who enslaved it's creation, but they were eventually released. This is the nature of Yin, the Devil, the Goddess, the Crone / Cronus. Yin is slavery, Yang is freedom.

So this is why the Earth is said to belong to Satan. Matter is Satan. And it's here to test you. Being stuck in matter is a challenge, isn't it...


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