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The Gods of Reality

Thesis: The real gods of Nature are the conceptual-framework of reality, which exists in the mind of the Creator.

I offer an explanation of the primary principles of reality, the 'Gods'...

Gods are concepts. Some are real, and some aren't. The concept of truth, for example, is real and exists outside the minds of men, in the mind of the Creator, "The One".

Truth is the concept which contains the whole of reality, 'reality' and 'truth' are synonymous. God is Truth, and the Truth is One. There's only one reality, but there are countless false-realities living like leeches in the minds of men...

The primary-false-ideologies, called 'sins' by religions, only exist in the minds of men. They're the false-gods, the enemy, and the teacher.

Eg. Anger: Belief that your will should be followed by others. It's linked to pride, as you feel you're "justified" in forcing your will on someone. It's also projection, because you can only get angry with yourself. If you observe your anger, you'll see that.

The process of science & personal enlightenment is to find out which concepts exist in reality - in God's mind, and which only exist in the minds of men, for yourself. This post is about the real ones...

Reality is made of spirit: Concepts & the relationships between them, and they form a natural hierarchy, I've called the Universal Plan.

The Gods

The names of the gods given below are by no means a complete list. Each will have as many different names as there are traditions that recognise them. They're just there as an example.

The Seven Principles they're aligned with contain a huge amount of information, linking these principles with many ideas. There's no way I could fit in all the correspondances, so I've just put a few in.

Organ Element Principle God(s) Notes


Love, Truth, Life, Consciousness
God / Odin Will, Desire + Good = Love
The Prime Creator: One. God. Odin. Bhrahma / Vishnu.
Grandfather. God-the-Father.

Fire + Air
Logic, Free-will, Choice
Christ / Avatar Make Will into Law (Voice)
The Voice of God.
God-the-son. Odin the man. The Realised-Man.
The dragon-slayer.


Knowledge / Nature
Goddess Yin = False
God Yang = True
Together = Mother Nature
Law, Path, Design
The Dao. Tiw, Two, Zeus.
Archetype of knowledge & law. True & False. Day & Night
Yin = Dark, Passive-Evil, Satan, Adversary = The Goddess / Moon
Yang = Light, Good, Truth, God / Sun.

Air + Water
Cronus / The Holy Spirit Make Law into Action
Archetype of initiation, beginning & alternation.
Work, Duty
Thor / The Four Elements
Fire, Air, Water, Earth
Action, Power, Motion
Force, Sound, the sine-wave.

Water + Earth
Eros / Venus / Easter Bring Earth into Motion


Gaia / Freya / The Seven Days Position, venue, location, setting.
Reward, wealth.
The Afterlife.

The Gendered Gods

The gender of any god is determined by it's relationship to something else, as that's how all gender is determined. So gods may be seen as masculine or feminine depending on one's point of view... But this doesn't mean it's arbitrary, it means we have to be clear about our perspective, and which relationship we're attempting to describe.

In general, Yang / masculine is the Provider, and Yin / feminine is the receiver.

The Four Faces of the Goddess

Four faces of the Goddess are the four seasons, from the sine-wave, following the Yin-pattern FAEW:

Perhaps the old triune-goddess exists because the Child is sexless and / or isn't considered an active principle?

Four Aspects of Mind:

The process of forming a mind goes from Earth to Fire, because it's Yin to Yang, Nescience to Science:

This is also the process of solving a problem...

True Gods

So I'm suggesting that the Four Elements / Seven Days structure is:
a) A real objective fact of nature, and the real Theory-of-Everything.
b) The original religion / science and language of the whole world
c) Most traditional gods are derived from this, once commonly known, system.

These things really exist. Logic exists. Truth exists etc...

Memory isn't something that just happens in human minds. It exists in matter too. The imprint of the past exists in the present, in matter, just as it does in mind. Books, art, architecture are all memories of the past, cast in matter.

Death isn't just a human concept, it's a principle. Just as is Life. These concepts are the gods which provide the structure of the universe. Life and Death are universal-concepts/laws, which apply to all matter. They're sentient, self-aware, and have free-will. They're real living creatures made from mind, which is Fire and Air. So this is why they say there are beings made of fire / air in various traditions (e.g. the Islamic "Djinn")...

The Gods are not mystical, unknowable, unprovable superstitions, they're the mundane, everyday, conceptual framework our reality exists within. We all know the gods, it's just people don't realise that's what they are. People don't know what's right in front of them.

Just as a story needs the framework of language in order to be told, so does our story. There has to be a framework / mechanism by which reality is able to exist, but it can't be made of matter, because matter exists within that framework.

Science has supposedly been searching for this mechanism for centuries, but it was never hidden. It's simply made of ideas held in the mind of God, and their ideology (the 'jealous god') wouldn't allow them to see that. Ideology makes you blind.

False Gods

There's no room in this scheme for active-evil, and passive-evil isn't really evil. Darkness, night, shadow, illusion aren't necessarily bad. If they persist they might be though, too much Yin can definitely be evil (e.g. a year of night).

But Yin can't become dominant on her own, because she's passive, she has to be enabled by Yang. She's the shadow, Yang's the light.

Active-evil is something that humans manifest. It can only come through us, Nature is perfectly balanced.

People are tricked into doing evil, as part of the Test of Life, by the 'Seven Sins' (Pagan concept) / the 'Prime-Demonic-Ideologies'. They are Goddess Yin's Demons, the true vampires that have to be invited in, the mind-parasites that use people as puppets.

Ideologies are false but sentient, jealous gods, fiercely competing with each other for resources, using people as their instruments, for their own selfish purposes. Feeding from people's minds, eating them from the inside out, like a spiritual-parasitoid-larvae. I really don't think I'm exaggerating.

Ideologies destroy civilisations, and souls. They've murdered hundreds of millions of people in the last 100 years. They are the active-evil, enabled by people.

People have to abandon the false-gods, and return to humility to the real-gods.

They are the real Dragons we have to slay, and we have to slay them within ourselves. Everything else will follow naturally, and there is no other solution...


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