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Veritopia - Philosophy of the Golden Age

Veritopia is the reconstructed unified religion and science of the Golden Age (I think)...

The principles below have been deduced from first principles of science, and are 100% logical. Believe it or not...

This is the result of years of work attempting to find the real Theory of Everything.

If the principles of Veritopia make sense to you, please let me know, so far I don't think anyone understands what I'm talking about...

Veritopia: Principles

Fire [WHY]: The Purpose Of Existence

Air [HOW]: Law, Knowledge, Science

Water [WHO]: Work, Duty

Earth [WHAT]: Foundation / Cosmogeny

Cosmogeny: "...any model concerning the origin of either the cosmos or the universe". (Wiki)

If this sounds reasonable to you, please let me know. Thanks.


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