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Pantheon: All The Gods

Note: Work in progress... I'm attempting to add in the days of the week, planets, and more commonly known 'gods', but it's not as straightforward as dealing with physical things, because these are 2nd hand stories, hearsay, perhaps several generations removed from the original concepts of the ancestors...

Principle Function God(s) Planet Day

Will, Desire, Intent God / The Creator / The Great-Yang / Unity
Aten / Amen / Atom (Indivisible) / Adam
Sun Sunday

Make Will into Law Logic / Logos / Christ
Odin / Wodin
Mercury: "Messenger of the gods."
Christ: "Mediator between God & creation"
(eloquence, messages, communication)
Mercury Wednesday (Odin's Day)

Law, Path, Design The Dao: God & Goddess
Good and Evil / God and Devil
Tiw / Tyr / Dyeus = Two Zeus
Mars Tuesday (Two's day)

Make Law into Action Time, Emotion
Saturn Saturday (Saturn's Day)

Action, Power, Motion The Four Elements
Tor / Thor / Bull
Neptune / Poseidon ?
Jupiter Thursday (Thor's Day)

Bring Earth into Motion Eros, Aphrodite, Ishtar (Oestrous/Easter)
Frigg / Freya
Venus Friday (Freya's Day)

Product, Result, Matter The Seven Days
Moon / Luna / Selene
Min / Sin
Moon Monday (Moon's Day)

I don't think Thor fits well in the Water level... Anyway, I'll update this if I find out more...

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