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Odin, Tyr, & Thor - Demystified

Thesis: The Norse Gods are representations of the Four Elements - which are the true Theory-of-Everything.

Norse Gods in the Universal Plan

This is my current understanding of how the main norse gods fit into the Four Elements. It's a pretty good fit, I think it's quite compelling evidence. I do consider myself a pagan, but I'm not an expert on Norse mythology, and I'm open to being corrected, or advised etc.

The Universal Plan is the true Theory of Everything, and it underlies, and unifies all science and spirituality...

The Norse gods are the Four Elements, and their names are simply their number...

The Return Of The Old Gods

If the Universal-Plan is correct, then what does this mean for pagans?
Does it diminish the pagan gods, does it make them redundant?

Do pagans have any reason to fear what I'm doing?

If I'm right, it means that the pagan gods are real, and you can prove they exist.

It means paganism is vindicated (proven to be right).

Although, I think paganism does need to remember it's true foundations, and not just the stories, to actually be the force for good in the world it once was, and should be again. I guess this is my hope for Veritopia - to re-invigorate paganism, by reuniting it with (what I believe is) it's true foundation. Or at least, to get people talking about it more...

The world needs strong moral leadership, and only Paganism, amongst all the religions of the world, has the virtue to do that.

Fire Fire WHY
Will, Intent, Desire
One Odin
Air Air HOW
Design, Plan, Path, Law
Two Tyr / Tiw
Water Water WHEN
Action, Motion, Power
Three & Four Thor
Earth Earth WHAT
Creation, Result, Object
Seven & More Freya

How Does This Prove The Gods?

The FAWE exist. Free-will exists, Law exists, Work exists, Matter exists. Free-will is Odin, Law is Tiw, Work is Thor, Matter is Freya.

Fire, Free-will is the foundation of all Law. Humans are free-agents which act on our own will, and this is the basis of the judicial system: People are free to choose the actions they take.

Air, Law is the result of desire, it's the path you must walk to achieve your desire. It's the Way.

The first two are intangible, and so you can only point at their effects. You can't see the Wind (Air Element), but you can see the effects of the wind - i.e. trees moving, and so is the law, you can't see it, but you can see it's effects.

The second two you can point at, and say there is Thor (Work), or There is Freya (Matter).

The FAWE are the prime Archetypes of these things, they're divine, eternal principles: Concepts in God's mind. And they're mundane, everyday concepts.

Element = El-Ment = God Mind.

The gods are all around us, they are everyday things.

Odin is One

This is the Fire Element, the Archetype of Will / Desire.

Odin's day is 'Wednesday' = One's Day.

Odin is the Allfather, the father of all the other gods. The Prime Creator. Brahma / Vishnu. The Grandfather.

The name Odin can be translated as “Master of Ecstasy.” His Old Norse name, Óðinn, is formed from two parts: first, the noun óðr, “ecstasy, fury, inspiration,” and the suffix -inn, the masculine definite article, which, when added to the end of another word like this, means something like “the master of” or “a perfect example of.”

I suggest this is incorrect, and the origin of the name is from the Russian language, which in turn either derives from or is a counterpart of Sanskrit, and it simply means One.

Russian / Sanskrit Numbers...

  1. One = (Russian Один) Odin (pronounced Udeen), (Sanskrit) Ekam (Ay-kam) [k->d, m->n]
  2. Two = (Russian Два) Dva, (Sanskrit) Dve - [Divide]
  3. Three = (Russian Три) Tree, (Sanskrit) Treeni
  4. Four = (Russian Четыре) Chaturye, (Sanskrit) Chatvaari - [Chat = 'Group'/'Team']

Odin has one eye, symbolising his single-focus. So he is deeply associated with the number one. He's the One I. The I am.

The stories about Odin in the mythology don't have to correspond exactly with the characteristics of the Fire Element / Creator-Archetype on which it is based. They're just stories, but the Four Elements / Universal Plan is the foundation of the stories, and it conveys much more useful information than the stories do...

Born In Odin

I lived the first 7 years of my life in a village called "Whaddon" in England, which is pronounced "Wodn". Obviously it is named after Odin / Woden, as that was the English version of the word. So I was born in Odin. I have a friend who lives in Edinburgh, which is really Odinburgh.

If you say "Wodn" quickly, the 'd' becomes silent, and it sounds like 'Won'. And that is how the number 'One' is pronounced in English. So you can see the etymology must be the number, because it has been converted that way in several languages. (There are probably many more examples of this in European languages.)

Some other words possibly related to 'Odin'...

(Link: Odin)

Tiw is Two

This is the Air Element, the Archetype of Law / Design.

Tyr or Tiw is really the Dao: Two.

Tiw's day is 'Tuesday' = Two's Day.

Tyr, is billed as a male 'sky-god', who presides over 'law and justice'.
The Dao are the law - the relationship (1D string) between Good and Evil.
They are the foundation of Nature and are Yang to us (Masculine)

Also known as 'Dyeus' = Zeus = Days = Dios = Dos (Spanish) = Two

Two is Dvar = Divide = Divine = Diva = Divination = David

(Link: Tyr)

Thor is Four

This is the Water Element, the Archetype of Physical-Power / Work. Thor is Tor, the Bull. and Tor is Four, the Four Elements.

Thor's day is 'Thursday' = Four's Day.

Water is level 3: Tree. The FAWE are the Tree of Life, and they're the unbreakable, immortal forces of nature.

Russian Четы, the first syllable of the number 4, means 'multitude', or 'group'. I suggest 'Team' as in the 'Fantasic Four'.

Thor = Tor (Taurus) = The Bull = Strength / Power. (Torque, Torture, Torn, elevaTor, janiTor)
Is Thor's Hammer the Bull's genitalia? It is associated with fertility...?

All forces in the universe are created by the Four Elements, they are the Force of Nature.

Thor = Thunder = Sound Waves = Sine-Wave = Four Elements.

Thunder is Passive / Yin to Lightning - Which is plasma (electricity), and must correspond to Fire / Odin. This would mean that Thor would essentially be the strong arm of the Law: The Enforcer of the Law of Odin.

(Link: Thor)

Freya is Earth...

This is the Earth Element, the Archetype of Matter / Mater / Mother.

Freya's day is 'Friday'.

Freya is Odin's wife. They are 'Heaven' and 'Earth', 'Ouranos' and 'Gaia', etc...

She's the goddess of love, fertility, beauty, and fine material possessions. Earthly wealth.
She also presides over the afterlife, which might make you wonder... Afterlife? Does that mean death?
Is life on Earth actually the afterlife? Are we already dead?

She's the only one who doesn't seem to have a number-related name, but she might, I don't know that many languages...

(Link: Freya)

Paradise Lost...?

None of the characterisations are completely clear cut in Norse mythology, but that's what you would expect as the stories have been passed down, embellished & 'updated'. Odin isn't terribly god-like much of the time.

I suspect that the true gods (spiritual principles of the UP) are also often conflated & mixed up with the ancient human 'gods'. I.e. the Greek Gods, or biblical 'Nephilim', who seem to have been essentially immoral giant humans, who liked to present themselves as the gods, took their names, and so the two got mixed up...

Anyway, I hope you can see that what I'm suggesting is at least possible:

There was once a world-wide unified religion / science based on the principles of God, the Dao & the Four Elements. It's the valid Theory-of-Everything that should be the foundation of all science, & thought in general, but it was somehow 'lost'.

This foundation, that I've called the "Universal Plan", is the real basis of all modern religions. It's like the lost common-language of mankind, it's the key to understanding reality, and it is, at least for me, real paganism - because it's real love of Nature.

In the mythological accounts of the gods, we can see how the years haven't been kind to the truth, leaving us with just shreds and remnants, but fortunately the truth is logical so it can be put back together again... You can't hide reality.

So this is what I see whan I look at modern religions: Simple facts of natural science that have been anthropomorhised into complicated stories about people, which confuse and do not enlighten.


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