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Jesus: Symbol of the Logic Archetype

Thesis: The story of Jesus Christ portrays an ordinary man, who by his dedication to Truth, and hard-work, was able to escape the "wheel of incarnation", thus becoming truly free. He was not a special creation, or God Himself, but he came to symbolise the archetype of Logic, the Christ spirit. He associated himself with the eternal, and so became eternal...


Arianism was a branch of Christianity which believed that Jesus was not God (the Father), but was a creation of God. So Christ is subordinate, and separate from God, and yet is a true representation of God. Similar to how a man's son could be identical in outlook & behaviour to his father. The essential difference is the Arians believed Jesus Christ "was begotten within time, by the Father."

It was considered a heretical teaching, and isn't part of any mainstream church's teachings today.

It may seem like an inconsequential difference in view to non-Christians, but it's quite fundamental, and it points to a tricky question in Christian thought... What is Jesus's true place in the cosmogeny of the universe?

The Arians saw Jesus as a special-creation, the main church saw him as God-made-flesh. Either way he was special, and not strictly human...

The Avatar

What about pagan / hindu concepts of avatars, "the material appearance or incarnation of a deity on earth"? Was Jesus the only Christ ever? Is the path to Christhood limited by God only to one person? Or can there be other avatars of the Christ spirit?

The Universal Plan, suggests the path to Christhood is logic - reason, and that path is open to everyone.

So perhaps anyone could be a Christ, an embodiment of the spirit of Reason. The only thing standing in the way would be one's own beliefs, and choices.

It's ideology that prevents learning, and growing up. I'd suggest spiritual enlightenment isn't mystical, it's simply dropping one's childish beliefs, and becoming receptive to the truth...

Jesus, The Special One?

Christianity teaches that Jesus is the cornerstone and turning point of the whole of human history. He was God become man, for one special lifetime, who walked among us, imparted the wisdom of Heaven, and created a way to absolve mankind of it's sin via his sacrifice.

They believe Jesus was born as a special person. They could never really hope to emulate him, because he was actually God. Obviously if Jesus really was God, in the way they describe, then no-one could reasonably be expected to be as good as him. So Christians don't really believe they can be like Jesus.

So why did Jesus say things like this?

John 14:12
...whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these...

Jesus made a point of not elevating himself above humanity. He called himself the son of man. He considered himself human, and he probably was.

The Triumph Over Satan

To say that Jesus was not a normal man, who through dedication and hard-work overcame the Yin-mind of Satan within himself, by himself, would be to strip all the accomplishment and glory from his achievement.

If Jesus was God, then the suffering he went through must have been self-inflicted. There could have been nothing to overcome that he hadn't created himself. There could have been nothing to learn (he's omniscient), nothing to prove, and no triumph or glory. How can incarnating oneself as a human, only to then murder oneself, help anyone?

If, on the other hand, Jesus was born an ordinary man, and by hard-work overcame the mind-control programming of the Pharisees (priests), and the Babylonian slave-driving cult he was born into, then that is a totally different story... That takes a special type of person, but not a special particular person. It's anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves to finding the truth, amid a hailstorm of lies.

Satan (the Goddess / Yin) has deceived the whole world, by creating a world of fictional things like 'government', 'money', and 'politics'. It's a mind-control cult which works by filling people's minds and hearts with materialist-ideology, false-hopes, & vain-pride from childhood, and preventing them from ever growing up out of the Yin-mind of the child. It is deliberate arrested development, and it is the same technique humans use to farm animals - by selecting them for immature characteristics.

It takes a dedicated mind, a stubborn spirit, and years of effort to climb out of this web of fantasia and hypnotic-trance that the high-magi of the Goddess have spun. Society is very much like a magical spell, designed to turn people into slaves, to serve the elite. It's been very effective. Most of the slaves would fight to the death to protect their chains, and their slave-masters...

But I suspect there are a few people out there who hate being slaves.

The Free Gift of God is Eternal Life

Christ is Logos, the Archtype of Logic and Reason.

Everyone has the ability to reason. Everyone has some degree of logic. So, "Christ is in everyone". Christ-hood is available to everyone, and all anyone has to do is use their powers of reason, without prejudice. To use your reason without ideology is freely available to all, and it comes naturally if you allow it to.

The only difference between Jesus and anyone else is that he used his God-given powers of reason to figure out the Truth, like a true scientist, without partiality or ideology, whereas almost everyone else on the planet only use their reason selectively, when it suits their ego.

Jesus was able to see the truth - because he ignored his childish emotional attachments to beliefs like "I'm clever, I know things". He realised that he needed a totally new way of looking at the world, and so thought it through for himself. At least, that seems a much more rational, and empowering story to me.

Enlightenment is moving from the Yin-mind of Goddess into the Yang-mind of God. It is done by conscious effort of will, and involves discarding all the second-hand 'knowledge' we've accumulated, which is all hearsay and not direct personal experience. It requires going back to first-principles, and thinking it all through from scratch. It's a leap of faith in the dark, you don't know how big the gap between your current knowledge and the actual truth is...

Liberation From Childhood

In this thesis, Jesus Christ was a man, who by his choices and hard-won defeat of the demons of emotionality in his quest to find Truth, came to embody the eternal spirit of Logic. He was shown the deepest secrets of the universe by this great spirit, and went about teaching people to Love each other, and that death would then have no power over them...

As mortal Jesus embodied the eternal Logos he became one with the eternal, and so overcame mortality. He was free to leave the Mother's nursery, and continue into the care and tuition of the Father. He escaped the wheel of incarnation. He became free, as a young man who has just graduated from school.

When children are small, they are the responsibility of the Mother, and she teaches them. Once they have learned all the lessons she has to teach, they move up into their adult lives, beyond this Earth level where we are now.

Jesus became the living symbol of the eternal archetype, by his personal sacrifice. Jesus overcame. He beat a path through the wilderness to show the way. He was the example that people should follow, if they want to progress.

The Wheel Of Slavery

This is the choice we all face. Either look at the Truth, or deny it.

We're all free to deny it, but if we do then after death we would presumably either:
a) have to be reincarnated again on Earth in the future (and the future looks bad ATM), or
b) be consigned to some cosmic scrapheap / recycling center (The 'scrapheap' hypothesis)

The chances are it's reincarnation. Yin is cyclic, and spirit is eternal.

To refuse to grow-up and overcome the tests of this life, is then to die, have all your memories wiped, your identity erased, and then be shoved (or tricked) back into the meat-grinder. I.e. reborn on earth as a baby in complete ignorance of everything, totally dependent on the world around you again, subject to all manner of abuses... Having to learn everything all over again, and again... That sounds like a terrifying kind of prison to me.

When I've tried to point out the dangerous direction the world's been going in to people I know, quite a few (especially Boomers) say "Well, by the time it gets really bad, I'll be dead, so it won't affect me.". In other words, "I don't care, I'm selfish". It's quite easy to see the natural justice that would be fulfilled by re-birthing a selfish generation into the lawlessness they themselves created by their apathy.

So, instead of being dead, and unaffected, perhaps they will be inserted directly back into the mess they created, as helpless dependent children. They would take the full force of the injustice they selfishly assumed would apply to someone else... Anyway, it's just a thought...

Either way, reincarnation is a horrible procedure. I'm 50, and I've still not got over the last one (i.e. I'm still here ;)


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