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Baldur's Death And The Fall Of Man

Thesis: Baldur's strange death symbolises the "Fall of man", and the beginning of the "Kali-Yuga".


The etymology I favour for this name is: Baal-Tag = Lord of Day = Yang

It is also Bold(er), as Bold (Outstanding, Apparent) = Yang / Day.
(Yin / Night = Shy, Hidden, Modest)

The word Bold probably derives from Baldur.

Baldur was a beautiful, shining god, loved by everyone but he died leaving much sadness behind. He is fated to return after Ragnarok however, so the light may return...

He was killed by mistletoe - one of the very few parasitic plants in Europe... a blind-god (his brother Hodr)

The symbolism of the 'Parasite Blind God' is fascinating...
I think this story is telling us quite clearly what it represents:
Ideology is a blind god, and it is a mind-parasite...

Note: The concept of 'chance' / 'randomness' is also a Blind-God. Natural-selection, and quantum-mechanics rely on the hypothesis that randomness could be god (i.e. the prime creative force), and it is part of the ideology of Atheism.

Example Ideology:
"God didn't create you, your ancestors were monkeys. The universe happened by random chance...
And so that means you can do whatever stuff you like! There's no God to judge you, and morality is just a illusion.
Then you die, you're gone forever, you're not coming back... So you can totally get away with it.
"'Do What Thou Wilt' shall be the whole of the law".

You can see how people going from being brought up to be good & listen to God, to believing in harmful ideologies like this, would quickly cause of the fall of mankind... And so to restore mankind, the only solution can be to restore our Right-mind in ourselves & collectively, and abandon ideologies.

So Baldur's death refers to the loss of the Yang-mind of Reason to the Yin-mind of Ideology. This was the true "fall of man".

The Fall

Baldur's death symbolises the time when the light (of Day) went out of the people, and they 'fell' from grace (into Night)... It was the "End of the age of heroes", when people stopped growing up. The "Peter Pan" age began...

The death of Baldur/Day then represents the beginning of the Vedic Kali Yuga, the 'Iron Age' of universal deceit & wickedness. It also represents Adam and Eve being cast from Eden. Likely also the tale of when Lucifer was "cast out of Heaven", or when the Gnostic Sophia fell from the Pleroma... All the same story, re-presented in countless ways.

All of these symbolise an internal fall in the level of human consciousness. People went from being moral, to being immoral... Perhaps Ragnarok / Armageddon is the same thing as the Kali Yuga, ie. we're in the midst of it...?

Baldur could not be restored to life in the story, and had to remain in the underworld, not to emerge until after Ragnarök, when he and his brother Höðr would be reconciled and rule the new earth together with Thor's sons...

If I'm right, the 'new earth' would be symbolising the dawning of the 'Bronze Age', the 'Dwarpa Yuga'. The time when the light of truth begins to dawn again in the minds of men... Could that be now?

The Garden of Eden

This is a deeply layered, and I think completely pagan story, from well before Abrahamism.

Adam & Eve were ejected from the garden of Eden (Odin) because they sinned against God.

What did they do specifically? They "took the knowledge of good and evil for themselves".

I'd like to clarify it... The 'knowledge of good and evil' is morality.

I'd suggest Adam and Eve were not originally ignorant of Good and Evil, aka Morality, as some say, it's quite the opposite. I suggest the implication of the story is that they were completely aware of God's morality, and His definitions of Good and Evil, but they chose to turn against it.

If they were acting as beasts, and the serpent opened their eyes to true morality, then why did one of their sons murder the other, and then go on to introduce slavery to the world? Why would God kick them out if they were moral?

Every human being is born with a conscience (except psychopaths), and that's God's voice of moral-guidance. You have to deliberately ignore it to become immoral, it takes effort. God didn't make them morally deficient, for the serpent to show them they were acting as beasts, it was the opposite. Of course.

The Silver-Tongued Beast

(Silver = Moon = Yin = Goddess = Satan)

What the "serpent in the garden" convinced them to do, was take on Ideology instead of retaining their God-given Morality.

She pulled a classic confidence trick on the humans. Gain trust by lying, then steal all your stuff.

It's easy to flatter the weak-of-mind with ideology like: "You are so handsome/beautiful/intelligent/kind, you must be Special"...

How about: "You deserve more.", "You're being treated unfairly.", "I can make you rich.", "You're amazing, you should be Queen.", "Those people over there are the cause of all your problems." etc...

In the Annunaki, Dogon, Mayan, Greek & many other myths, the 'gods' brought technology to mankind. They brought: Mining, metallurgy, money, government, material-science, warfare, makeup, literature, etc.

Imagine if "Adam and Eve" (eg. indigenous people), living barefoot, simple happy lives, were presented by the serpent / Annunaki with a vision (Perhaps on a portable TV) of a nice big castle, swimming pool, fancy clothes, and servants doing all their work for them...

So the serpent shows them an episode of "Lives of the Rich and Famous", and says "I can help you get that stuff... You'd look so good in that Ferrari, don't you think?... Whaddya say?"

People actually believe things like: "Poor people like us are being oppressed by the rich, and so we should steal all their stuff, and kill them. That would be moral.", even though their conscience is telling them otherwise.

The Egregore

Ideology is a collection of beliefs about right and wrong. It's a moral framework, but it's not God's. This is where A+E went wrong, they rejected God's morality, they ignored their conscience, and took on a new immorality that suited their egos. And so Baldur the Light of Day, died in the minds of men.

Ideologies, as I discussed in Are Beliefs Mind Parasites?, are exactly like warring gods, fighting over human minds to possess... Ideologies are false-gods:

Adam & Eve became possessed by the demons of ideology, they became selfish and grasping, arrogant and aloof... They were rubbish parents, and their kids killed each other and went on to form the first Mafia, enslaving others in (ironically) slavish service to their egotistical beliefs, which are the true masters.

Ideologies are Egregores, autonomous, self-aware thought-forms / cultural-memes, which blind people to Truth, and utterly enslave them. Competing Egregores like Islam and Christianity might battle each other for hundreds of years, using up the life energy and bodies of millions of followers, all in a parasite-battle for more fleshy real-estate to control & consume.

Ideologies use people like meat-puppets, to enact their evil and jealous rage against humanity. While eating their life force / attention, and hollowing-out their souls.

People are allowing themselves to be used as food by these creatures, they're just like demons, and it's just like demonic possession. People have been domesticated by them, and we're being farmed like sheep... By ideologies... That's quite an idea to get your head around...

The world's being run by entities with the moral awareness of tapeworms.

Beliefs and Ideologies are, in effect, a spiritual predator of humanity.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Against ideology!)
Eph 6:12

Listening to Odin, and His children, gives you knowledge which naturally replaces beliefs.
Beliefs are entirely unnecessary.


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